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20170331 Recap Against the Slave Lords - Sewer Level Part 2 - 8th Level

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Against the Slave Lords – Slave Pits of the Undercity – Sewer Level Part 2 20170331

Cyrano (Drow Rogue – Kenji) , Raistlin (Elf Wizard – Arthur), Man-Tis (Tri-Kreen Barbarian – Ross), Gird (Human Monk – Art), Bannor (Human Fighter – Brenden), Souldun (Human Warlord – Vic)and (Walster (Mul Warden)

Continuing from the last adventure, the group has just defeated a large group of undead and after a short rest, they decide to continue deeper into the complex. The group continues forward and comes across the burned out room with a narrow ledge along the west wall, a sturdy looking ledge along the east wall and a narrow beam, acting as a bridge in the center. All three paths span a long drop to the floor of what used to be the room below. Mantis anticipates a trap and crawls down the wall scuttles over the floor of debris and then up the other side. Several other party members follow suit. Gird walks across the beam but Bannor tries the sturdy ledge and the wall collapses, hitting him and throwing him down to the floor below. After a few moments to catch his breath, the iron warrior is fine and the group continues on.

The group passes by a small alcove with barrels of vinegar, then come to a small room at the bottom of a staircase. Souldun tries the door on the other side and what looked like a big pile of rags attacks the warlord, slapping one flat tentacle across his face. Gird, Cyrano and Bannor move to assist and all are grabbed by tentacles. Gird twists away and Bannor breaks free using brute strength. Cyrano tries throwing a dagger and does little damage. Raistlin tries blasting with magic and also does little damage. Souldun breaks free from one tentacle but three more grab a hold. Souldun manages to chop the creature and does good damage. Bannor takes a lunging strike and does considerable damage. Walster chops and does some damage. Souldun seems to be having trouble breathing and the group attacks with greater fury, finally defeating the creature.

Passing through the door, and after turning down several turns of the hallway and finding a couple empty rooms, the group finds a stairway down to some natural tunnels. They find a room with some shallow pits full of worms and further, a large area full of inset men. Going down a narrow side passage, they find more insect men. Turning around, and going the other way, they find yet another camber ahead with insect men. The party decides to move back up the stairs.

Moving back past the empty rooms, and then west, the party surprises some half orcs guarding the sables. Mantis hurtles over the stalls and downs the guard with the signal horn just before he was going to sound the alarm. The rest of the party downs the remaining guards. After a short rest, the group continues north and comes to two pairs of double doors.

As the party is waiting in the hall, a group of slave buyers approaches the party from the rear and Cyrano talks the group into passing by.

Listening at the northern doors and seeing the slave buyers pass yield a small number of orcs all wearing holy symbols. As such, the party heads south and enters a garden similar to the one they found in the eastern part of the complex. Mantis takes the lead and finds a way to stay on the path and approach the crypt in the center of the garden. Opening the door and taking some minor damage from the magic trap, the party discovers stairs down to the lower levels.

The party finds a short hall and then a door and surprise a half demon, one of the slave lords and his guards. Although they have the drop on the slave lord’s guards, some of the group hesitates near the top of the stairs that lead down to the sewer junction where Chi-Sween’s, the slave lord, desk and guards are. Walster, however, does not hesitate and charges down, thinking everyone else will be right behind him until Cyrano drops a globe of darkness behind Walster and cuts off Raistin’s line of sight to use his area spells. Having no other targets to shoot at, all the guards shoot at Walster, but luckily, most of the poison bolts miss the mark. Immediately, Chi-Sween and his five half dog, half lizard pets dive into the sewer that surrounds the platform at the bottom of the stairs.

Bannor and Souldun cautiously move through the darkness and emerge on the other side and each take a couple cross bow bolts. Walster wades into the middle of the fight, with Mantis beside him. Raistlin, finally able to see again, pulls all the guards toward the middle of the platform and Walster hits many of them with a wide blow. Gird immediately follows up with a series of combination attacks, also striking many of the bunched up guards.

Unexpectedly, Joshua, Souldun’s nephew, transforms into the identical image of Raistlin and attacks Raistlin from behind. Cyrano strikes and accidentally hits the real Raistlin but in the confusion, the real Raistlin is able to move behind Souldun who has rushed back up the stairs. Cyrano retreats back toward the stairs to the crypt. The shapeshifter then changes into Souldun and exchanges blows with the real Souldun.

About this time, Chi-Sween reappears with his pets on the central platform and attack Mantis and Bannor and Gird from behind. Raistlin again throws the enemy off balance, allowing counter attacks by the monk, warden and fighter. Chi-Sween, seeing an opening, charges up and strikes at Raistlin and Cyrano who fend off the slave lord for a round. Mantis disengages from the platform battle, leaving the remaining five orc guards and three lizard dogs to fight Bannor, Walster, and Gird. Finally, Cyrano downs the wounded shape shifter and a charging Walster downs the slave lord. Seeing their master fall, the remaining lizard dogs dive into the sewer and the half orcs surrender. The group gather up maps, captured magic equipment, gold, and their prized prisoners and head back toward the surface where, looking like any other group of slave buyers, walk casually back to their encampment and reconnect with Baron Baltic’s forces.

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Finished with the basic recap...
Post script and epilogue to follow...

Post your comments from the adventure as I'm not sure I got everything correct...

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