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20170121 Recap Against the Slave Lords - The Granite and Limestone Mines Part 3 - Conclusion

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...and here's the rest of the recap for Part 3.

Baron Baltic is quite pleased with the group’s efforts. Although there are more adult mud tigers somewhere in the mines, the Baron thinks strong teams of his best men, reinforced by a number of good archers, can finish off a couple more of the mud tigers now that they know where they live. The party did destroy the eggs and the young mud tigers. After a few days, the eggs the party brought back with them start to change color, becoming a bit darker. One of the Baron’s advisers tells the party that because the eggs are not in running water of exactly the right temperature and because the eggs were not being tended to by an adult mud tiger, the eggs are not ever going to hatch.

Each party member receives an 8th level or lower magic item of their choice. Each party member also receives 1,000 GP in magic dust from the sale of the unholy artifact. Lastly each party member is paid 300 GP from the Barron and the other lords.

While raiding the guard house, the Baron’s men found maps and notes relating to a ruined temple on the outskirts of the city of Highpoint near Tyr Amar. Within the temple is a large complex being operated by the slavers. After speaking with several of the other local barons and lords, Baron Baltic tells the party that rather than risk the entire Grong Island navy in an attack on what is likely to be a very well defended installation, the lords have decided to send a number of small teams of elite adventurers to infiltrate the complex, identify the leaders of the slave lords and either capture or eliminate them. The teams would also gather intelligence on the location and nature of other bases the slave lords operate out of. Two other reasons the lords decided against an all-out attack is that the slave lords would likely learn of a major attack in advance and any captured slave could be killed or used as hostages. Also, the presence of a large number of Grong Island Naval ships could be misinterpreted as an attack against Tyr Amar.

Bannor receives a visit from his friend, Ruan a fellow Bloodguard who sadly tells Bannor that slavers captured Bannor’s younger sister, Breeda, last week. Ruan and a couple of other retired Bloodguards tracked the slavers to the village of Homlet where the slavers boarded a sailing ship that headed northwest, toward Tyr Amar. Souldun is visited by his brother in law, Sully the shoemaker, who tells Souldun that his twelve year old nephew, Jacob was captured by the slavers while Jacob and his friend Kaylob, were out fishing. Sully tells Souldun that Souldun’s sister (Sully’s wife) Sussanna is frantic and inconsolable and Sully pleads with Souldun to do anything he can to try to find the boy. A local fisherman told Sully that he spotted the slaver’s barge that probably took Jacob heading out to sea in the direction of Highpoint. Raistlin receives a note from his mother that two of Raistlin’s childhood friends, Tuvock and Jadzela were taken by the slavers. The local lord sent out search parties but there was no trace of the black dwarves and half orcs that took them.

Baron Baltic suggests that Man-Tis pose as “Clack-Tick-Mick” a merchant from the far away desert of Rabb who is looking for exotic slaves to bring back to his homeland. Cyrano can pose as Romp, a Drow Slave merchant representing House Banneer from Causaborran. Raistlin and Gird can pose as Man-Tis’ guards and Bannor and Souldun can pose as Cyrano’s guards. The party can use Raistlin’s ship to get to the coast near Highpoint while one of the Grong Island frigates will follow two days later with several additional infiltration teams. Good luck…

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