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Friday Jan 27th for Next Rainbow Warriors - Game On! 7:00 PM Start

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Veteran Westron Citizens, Kenji says he is available to run the next rainbow warriors adventure on Friday the 27th... if enough people can make it, we'll schedule it.  :-)  

Please reply here...

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Kenji is confirmed as being able to DM on Friday.

Stuart can play. Ross can play but he will be late. Need at least two more confirmations from the Veteran Citizens to schedule the game.

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Ibuki is checking availability.

Chris is checking availability.

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I know I am not a veteran citizen but I got an invite on facebook and can confirm that I can make it.

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Kenji just texted me. PCs are still second level. If you have GP, you may purchase items of third (3rd) level or lower.

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I can play, but I will be late 7/7:30.

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Okay, Kenji DM.
Stuart in.
Ibuki and Ross are in but both will be late.
Chris and Mick are still pending.

Ken is out.
Jurys are available to bring the party up to six characters.


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Okay, as of 0830 Chris is still pending, but strongly leaning toward "Yes, can make it" with an arrival time of about 7 PM on Friday.

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As of 1100 Mick is a strong "Maybe". He cannot arrive before 7:30 PM. He'll give me an update when he knows more. Of course he wants to play. (Since when did Mick not want to play? )

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90% in but after 7:30

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Okay as of 0650 we have Kenji as DM...

Stuart in and on time.
Ibuki 7 to 7:30 PM
Ross 7 to 7:30 PM
Mick 7:30 PM - 90% (which means he will make it)

Chris 7:00 PM - Strong Maybe

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After meeting the Pharaoh and noticing his necklace of the Hooved Demon, Josie & Morbius find out that the Pharaoh has been stewarding the Queendom for almost a couple decades since his wife the Queen died, and was supposed to hand over rule to Princess Fawcett when she turned of age this week, had she not died. The two Rainbow Warriors started investigating into Princess Fawcett's rumored sister, while Uskan and the others looked into the mysterious illness that killed Princess Fawcett.

Josie & Morbius find it interesting that there is clear record (though not talked about) of an older princess Joses, but only rumors about her death at infancy. Josie knows that the lives & deaths of royals are usually commemorated richly in stone and song, not left to rumors. Suspicious she might be hidden away and not dead, the two are pursuing a lead on Ewon Kenobi, the most promising lead on who might have secreted away the Princess a couple decades ago...

Uskan and the others look into Princess Fawcett's death, and discover it came on suddenly and she was dead in 3 days, had violent cold sweats and shivers, was constantly thirsty no matter how much she drank, couldn't hold down any solid foods, couldn't stand loud noises or bright lights, and on the last day, was talking crazy like she was insane or possessed. You all also learn that, as per tradition, her casket is displayed in glass in the city square for viewing, mourning, to be buried in the Royal Mausoleum tonight.

The rest of the party is on their way to meet up with Josie & Morbius, who is following a lead on Ewon, when... Smile

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