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20161117_Recap Against the Slave Lords_The Mines Part 1

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Against the Slave Lords – The Granite and Limestone Mines 20161119

The Grong Islands fall into a time of relative peace with the ending of the civil war. After a couple of years, most of the standing armies are disbanded and trade with the outside world begins to pick up. The economy of the islands begins to recover after years of war.

Baron Baltic, whom members of Strike Force Manticore encountered during several of their missions, has sent out the call for brave mercenaries. Thus, Raistlin (Elf Warlock – Arthur), Cyrano (Drow Rogue – Kenji), Man-Tis (Tri-Kreen Barbarian – Ross), Gird (Human Monk – Art), Nero (Battlemink – Ken), Jae-Don (Dragonborn Fighter – Jae), and Baldin (Cleric – Chris) answer the call and arrive at Baron Baltic’s manor house to receive his briefing. “The results from the quarry seem too good to be true. The raid on the slaver’s camp by the dwarves was a little too quick and clean. I wonder about all those dwarves that work at night that nobody ever sees. Then there are the terrible attacks taking place in the area, bodies torn to shreds and people missing. It wasn’t so much the goings on at the quarry, mind ya, but the attacks. I sent a man named Hulio, using the name of Kwon, to find out what’s been killing our people. He brought me a few reports but I have not seen or heard from him for more than a week now. I’m worried and I’m hoping that by looking into the quarry you will find Kwon (Hulio) alive. Go to the mines and see if you can find Kwon, that is your primary mission. Find out what is going on in the mines. Also, if you can bring me any information on the slavers operating in the area and if you can find out what is killing my people in the area I will reward you well. I will give you up to 500 GP each if you bring me valuable information. I will also give you a possible bonus is you find Kwon, and a bigger bonus if you find and stop the person or creatures that are killing my people. Good luck…”

From the reports sent by Kwon, the party is aware of three entrances to the mines; the main entrance that is guarded twenty four hours a day and is in plain view of the walled keep that overlooks the quarry; a barred ventilation shaft on the opposite slope in the forest; and a possible river entrance on the backside of the ridge. The party decides to check out the shaft first and easily find it. Man-Tis easily bends the bars and the party drops down, deep into the mines. The small chamber the party finds themselves in has a large hole covered with a wooden reinforced lid and a tunnel out. Selecting the tunnel, it isn’t long before the party runs into a number of armed dwarf guards. The guards prove hostile and while engaged with the group in the front, a very large group attacks from the rear. The barbarian charges rearward and eliminates the majority of the enemies to the rear. After a fierce pitched battle, the party captures one dwarf who turns out to be a half orc.

The party moves further into the tunnels and finds an exit out toward the above ground quarry pit. The party then finds a number of miners and speaks with them. The miners send to the keep for help as a precaution against these interlopers. The party beats a retreat toward back toward the shaft back up to the backside of the hill. The party then makes their way down toward the hidden dock and are confronted by a number of hidden human guards. After a quick battle and capturing a prisoner, the party leaves Gir behind and starts moving toward the village.

On the way back, the party runs headlong into an intercepting search and destroy force lead by the mine foreman’s second in command, a female half elf fighter wizard. The party defeats the attackers, capturing Glyrthiel and running off or subduing her troops.

The party leaves a couple members behind near the docks and they spot some activity with slavers and men with a long boat. Later, the entire party returns to the Baron’s manor and reports in detail of their efforts over a tasty banquet. The party notes that several of the servants seem uneasy with a huge multi-armed bug and the presence of a drow warrior.

The baron is very thankful for the party’s efforts but is disappointed that no clue of Kwon/ Hulio’s where abouts was found. The baron encourages the party to return to the mines to explore deeper into the mines as the strange noises reported by the human miners seem to be coming from very deep in the mine. Also, the party failed to discover any information regarding what is killing the people of the area, leaving shredded bodies near the shoreline of the coast, the shores of rivers and lakes and on occasion a short distance in land. During the feast where the party is detailing their findings, the Baron is especially impressed with the exploits of the Tri-Kreen Warrior and mildly scolds a few of his servants who seem uneasy with the barbarian. Baron Baltic orders up some more of the dishes that the barbarian seems to like the most.

The Baron is also pleased with the performance of the warlock and the drow as he comments on their unique skills and their fighting prowess. The Baron again expresses urgency in finding Kwon and stopping the creature or being killing his people.

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Cyrano should report about the sea creature at the docks. Maybe it has something to do with the deaths in the area.

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It was assumed that Cyrano did that during the feast. There was no description of the creature or creatures and no evidence at all that it is linked in any way to the many deaths in the area.

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