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adventure recap

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1 adventure recap on Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:23 pm

Not finished yet...

By Divine “coincidence”, several young prophesied heroes all found themselves overwhelmed by servants of Glorificus within the Mind of the Slayer caves, near the ancient runes, triggering their teleportation magic. Young Lady Josie was happily surprised to be joined by 7 outworlders, who all immediately began helping her deal with the Hobbit monks of Glorificus. She used her healing touch magic on one of her new allies looking badly wounded, when she felt an uncomfortable jolt for her troubles, as well as the amorous attention of the powerful knight Morbius. Delkra set his sights on the most powerful enemies and was first to realize none of them were in “Kansas” anymore, chasing the retreating monk outside the Caves. One of them got away, but Delkra was dangerously close to falling in battle himself, had the last villain not fled, as only rage and pride saw him so far alone with the two monk leaders.
The young warriors took many deep wounds, but bested the disciples of Glorificus and had healing magic enough to patch up. They also realized the monks, so used to punishment from the Hell Goddess, was resistant to all of the heroes’ attacks, and were hard to kill, but flamed and/or beheaded the fallen enemies, which seemed to stop their magical healing.
Realizing they were linked by Prophesy, and later confirmed by the seeming twins Sineya and Hunzu, whose arcana training confirmed that the ancient teleportation runes are specially attuned to each of them, literally transporting them to other Planets, for no material cost. The twins from different worlds also realized that others could also use the Caves with the proper arcane chants and 1,000gp residuum per person. The 8 young heroes each confirmed that there are 12 Mind of the Slayer Caves on each Planet.
Lady Josie guided her new out world friends back to her home in the Queen’s castle, when she discovered several of the Royal Guard setting tripwires and other traps right along where her cousin, the Princess, will be walking in her Coronation Parade! She was quick to jump to action, Morbius was quick to aid her, and they and the others made quick time of the would be saboteurs. Morbius killed the first one before realizing Josie and some of the others disapproved, and the rest were all subdued and captured.
Before turning the conspirators in to the Royal Guard, the heroes discovered charms worshiping a hooved demon on each of them, which they took, as well as the magic weapons of the criminals. Princess Jacklyn was horrified at the “keep what you kill” barbaric customs of the outworlders, and demanded them returned to their kin, but was glad for the exposure of the coup and rewarded the outworlders and her cousin with a credit from the Royal treasury (3rd level item).
Also, seeing what a fierce warrior her young cousin proved herself to be, the Princess shared with Josie some artifact armor she found in the caves earlier. When deciding what they wanted to do next, Josie was keen on family and wanted to stay to protect her cousin’s coronation, but the others decided there was plenty of time to help Delkra retrieve his artifact first…

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