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Against the Slave Lords - Party Discussion - Starting Level

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Post your Slave Lord PC's in the sticky above (PC's only).
Starting Level is 7th. You may choose to play your character from WAR or WAR 2 if you like and if you do, you get to keep ALL your equipment and military awards.

You may start a new PC at 7th. 32 point buy. One 8th Level item, one 7th Level item, and enough GP to purchase an additional 7th level item so the PC can buy other magic items of 6th Level or less and the mundane equipment they will need to get started.

Because of the favorable standing humans, elves and half elves had with the Rebels from WAR and WAR 2, if a player creates a new PC of one of these three races, the player will receive two extra 8th Level or lower items of the player's selection.

I know that Brendon intends to continue to play Bannor the Fighter.
Vic intends to continue to play Souldun the Warlord.
Art Jury intends to play a new PC TBD.
Arthur Jury hasn't decided to the best of my knowledge.
Kenji is going to play a new PC - an arrogant duelist swordsman who thinks he is better than he is.


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Looking back at my old characters it looks like the last PC I had for War was 11th level, the last for War2 was 10th.

If I use the same character from War would I get to keep their 11th level items?

From War (Nero):

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Yes if you use the same pc from War, you keep your old equipment.

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I will be playing as Raistlin.

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