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Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors: Party discussion

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For those making new characters or thinking of switching roles, please take a moment to take a look at Party Building Guide

also stickied here:

Take a look at rules 3-8 on role selections: Role Selection

The reason for the distribution listed above is based on how 4e classes and monsters are structured.

One unknown that we have is: How will the DM compensate for the unbalanced stats and items allowed?

Striker issue:
In Heroic and Paragon, a striker with a +6 weapon will be doing 2-3 times more damage. Does this mean the party will encounter 2-3 times more creatures or that the party will encounter higher level enemies.

Higher level enemies might be problematic since the strikers will have "normal" defenses and the monsters will be hitting more often and harder.

This will put more pressure on the defender and leader.

Defender issue:
If the defender goes for defenses, they may be able to hold back higher level monsters. But will they be able to punish their mark? Without an epic weapon like the striker they may not be able to hit or otherwise cause an enemy to focus on them instead of the striker.

Leader issue:
A leader who grants attacks will almost have to select a defensive item. Going defensive allows them to spend less healing on themselves and more on the striker/defender. This may cut down on their power selections though.

A warlord or other leader that has to "hit" their target for debuffs to work will be at a disadvantage unless they select an epic weapon. At which point they'll become more of a target and have to use healing on themselves which limits their effectiveness to the party.

So far it looks like the party will consist of:
1. Ross-Melee Striker
2. Ken-Leader (defensive attack granting) or
Defender|Ranged Striker hybrid
3. Stu-Melee Striker? or Leader or Defender
4. Mickey-Controller|Striker hybrid (most likely melee or short range)

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I thought about it quite a bit and I'm considering handing down the armor rather than the weapon to my Striker. In effect, I'd have a Striker with AC a bit better than a Defender, at least at the lower levels.

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Teramotos wrote:I thought about it quite a bit and I'm considering handing down the armor rather than the weapon to my Striker.  In effect, I'd have a Striker with AC a bit better than a Defender, at least at the lower levels.  

Whether that will be successful will depend on whether the DM uses more monsters at the party level +/-4 or higher level monsters.

If the party will face higher level monsters like in the previous campaign then you'll have a difficult time hitting monsters and will be ineffective as a striker.

Things will balance out at mid to high paragon, but for the first 15 levels or so, a weapon is a much better choice for a striker.

A striker's defense shouldn't really matter. It should be up to the defender to protect them by keeping monsters off of the striker and focused on them. And up to the leader to heal them when needed.

The only striker class that may be able to get away with not being handed down an epic weapon would be an Avenger (since they get to roll 2d20 and take the better against their oath target).

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For example using my backup 1st level striker as an example against a level 4 generic monster:

Using a +6 weapon:
80% chance to hit, DPR 18.42

Using normal weapon
50% chance to hit, DPR 8.10

Using the +6 weapon yields a average damage per round increase over 100%

An average level 4 monster has roughly 40hp, 18AC 16nonAC, +9 to hit, 1d8+6 damage

With a +6 weapon you can take one out in 2-3 rounds.
With a normal weapon it'll take 5-6 rounds.

On the defensive side,
The monster (using stats from above) will hit:
AC 18 (normal armor) 60% of the time, DPR 6.65

AC24 (+6 armor) 30% of the time, DPR 3.5

In a 3 round battle with a +6 weapon and normal armor, the PC would take ~20 points of damage.

In a 6 round battle with a normal weapon and +6 armor, the PC would take ~21 points of damage.

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My striker is a Avenger/Wiz.
Should have good AC with the high Int & avenger AC bonus.
Going with Epic weapon

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It looks like the group will be striker heavy...

A nice guide to review is Alpha Striking:

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Not sure you know, but you can wear Hide armor for the same AC without the penalties to speed and skill checks.

The only reason to wear plate would be for "show" or special enhancements not available on Hide.

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Okay, I'll check it out.

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