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20160923 Recap WAR! The It Ain't Over Til It's Over Mission - Campaign Conclusion

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Strike Force Manticore; Vidia (Pixie – Rogue, Ross), Belladonna (Human Seeker – Kenji), Raistlin (Warlock - Arthur), Souldun (Human Warlord – Vic), Bannor the Bloodguard (human fighter, Brendon), and Bae (Warlord/Fighter – Ken) is tipped off as to a meeting between the last remaining major enemy leader, Falzool of the House of Swords, and Baron Baltic. Although the purpose of the meeting is unknown, Rebel leadership assumes it is an attempt by Falzool to enlist the Baron’s aid in continuing the Royalist’s fight.

As the meeting is slated for the next day at the nearby village of Share-Zaa, SF Manticore is allowed ample time to prepare. With the aid of three Dampening Bombs which will negate teleportation for a short time, the team sets off the next morning. About halfway to the village, the team is set upon by Pine Bandits, a group of ruffians made up of former hunters, army skirmishers, and a few royalist rangers. Although Maschief, a powerful longtooth warrior, leads the bandits, they quickly find their numbers decimated. Bannor is especially effective, charging the enemies nearest him. Belladonna finds that she moves as quickly through the woods as the bandits, while the rest of the team, except tiny Vidia, is hampered by roots, vines and branches. After almost half of the bandits are down, Maschief roars and strengthens his remaining henchmen, but after just a couple of rounds they all flee. Mastiff also flees but Vidia shoots him down.

After resting, the team moves onward and is joined by Souldun (who had been acting as rear guard). After just a short distance, the team meets up with Ellenor whom they first met during the last mission. Ellenor is preparing a small squad to attack a group of half orcs who are sacking a small village to the west. The team agrees to join in the attack. The combined team infiltrates the village from the north and spot a couple of the orcs near the edge of the village square. Both sides maneuver to the attack with the team generally charging forward and the orcs rushing the rebel left flank. Bannor slashes his way through the center of the village, downing one orc warrior after another. Souldun takes a couple of solid hits, and a pair of allied soldiers are downed by the flanking orcs, but Souldun rallies the remaining soldiers and they begin to beat the orcs back. Vidia and Bea add to the fight in the center of the village, securing the team’s position there. Having lost both the right flank and the center of the village and being reduced in numbers with only three rebel soldiers down, the remaining orcs flee.

Team Manticore then moves on toward the village of Share-Zaa, arriving at the quite town. There are towns people milling about. The team spreads out to see if either the House of Swords or Baron Baltic is present. Bannor checks out the tavern, Raistlin sees if the magic shop is open, Vidia posts herself onto of the church, Belladonna and Souldun move to guard the bridge on to the north of the village, and Bea checks out the other buildings. Gale the air spirit tells Vidia that “…scouts are near…”. After a short while, Vidia and Belledonna spot some of Baron Baltic’s forces. Two uniformed men approaching along the river from the west. They seem to be peering into the forest and they greet Belladonna as they pass the bridge. They search the east side of the village and circle all the way around to the south where they link up with an unarmored man on horseback and a third soldier. The have a short discussion and the horseman rides away from the village at high speed and the soldiers move into the woods out of sight.

About the time they leave, a dwarf jester walks into the village and entertains the villagers. He seems to be looking around a lot. After doing a few tricks and singing a few songs, he takes his tips from the villagers and moves on. Not long after the dwarf has left, Baron Baltic and five of his toughest guards arrive. The guards set up a defensive perimeter and the Baron stands in the center of the village square next to his Captain. None of the other four of the Baron’s men the team saw earlier are in view, but the team suspects they are close by, perhaps guarding the Baron’s escape route and acting as backup for the primary bodyguards.

Team Manticore rallies behind the church and attempts to plan how they will react once Fazool arrives. After coordinating their plan, the team moves out from behind the church and are spotted by one of Fazool’s guards who loudly announces the team’s presence.

Fazool summons both a fire elemental and a water elemental. The Tyr Amar guards turn in the team’s direction and form a defensive square around Raven the Hexwitch. The fire elemental flies to the attack and the team initially moves up the side of the church toward the square. They are blocked by the fire elemental and the TA guards hurl a pair of fire bombs which singe the party and heal the elemental. As the team presses the elemental back, Fazool is blasting the team from a nearby rooftop. The black dwarves begin attacking from the south. Baron Baltic and his men fall back. The Hexwitch enspells any rebel within range.

Smartly, team Manticore is able to somewhat isolate Fazool on the rooftop and hit him with a dampening bomb so he cannot teleport! Souldun, Vidia, Raistlin and Belladonna are all able to concentrate on the stricken wizard who is blind, dazed, and taking on going damage. After just a few rounds, he is severely wounded and as he attempts to escape, Bannor’s mighty axe strikes the killing blow. None of the other ten hostile combatants (four TA soldiers and Raven Hexwitch 11th, plus four black dwarf assassin champions led by Terror Throw Hammer 12th) are wounded. Smartly, the party persuades them to back off and having no more cause to fight, they do so. Baron Baltic and his men also cautiously back off and then move off in the direction of the Baron’s keep.

With Fazool’s death, the last remaining major organized resistance on the island ceases. The remaining hardened Royalists disband, flee the islands, or move deep underground. For the first time in decades, peace is had throughout the lands. Military units are mostly disbanded and commerce and rebuilding accelerate. All the members of team Manticore are hailed as heroes of the realm. Bannor is promoted to Section Chief and awarded the Ring of Valor (a silver ring with a large ruby worth 500 gp, signifying continued bravery in battle), Belladonna and Raistlin are both promoted to Battle Chief, Vidia is confirmed as Master Chief and awarded a commander’s ribbon to add to her badge of rank. All team members are given 5,000 gold pieces and their choice of one of the following:

A small farm of 50 acres, includes a barn, a medium sized stone house (that can be expanded), two small wooden out buildings (smaller houses or workshops) two large guard dogs, and up to six people (including at least two trusted, former soldiers both 5th Level fighters) that will act as guards, farmers, or ranchers and will stay at the farm as long as they are treated well and given a share of the proceeds from the harvest or livestock. 15 head of cattle or 40 sheep are included if desired.

A small stone keep with a single four story tower which overlooks some strategic geographic feature such as a river mouth, a crossroads, a pass, a bridge, a hill with a wide field of view, etc. The keep will be important enough in guarding the approach to a medium or large city that there will be eight professional soldiers (3rd Lev) stationed there including a Section Chief (5th Lev Ranger or Avenger) and a Battle Chief (6th Lev Warlord or Warlock). The Section Chief and two of the soldiers will be answer to the player character alone. The remainder will take their routine orders from the player character but are ultimately under the command of the nearby town. The maintenance of the keep and pay for the soldiers will be taken care of by the nearby town. The PC will be responsible for any improvements he/ she chooses to make, including the hiring of addition soldiers.

Command of a small coaster ship and a crew of six able sailors. This is a twin mast, shallow draft, fast sailing ship. It is also oared. It cannot carry a lot of cargo and it is not meant to withstand the open ocean but it is capable of short ocean voyages in good conditions (e.g. it can make it to Try Armar) and it is small enough that it can easily navigate up most rivers. It is ideal for transporting people or small, valuable cargos up and down the coast or in between islands. The crew will loyally serve as long as they are treated well and receive a share of the profits from any cargos they haul. The crew includes a Master Chief Marine (6th Level Wizard or Rogue) and the crew (4th Level Rogues) are proficient with long bows and are trained artillerymen. The ship is armed with a single heavy ballista forward.

End of Campaign!

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Raistlin would choose the small coaster ship. the chief marine would be a wizard. what would be a fare share of cargo?

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Typically for a ship of this size, after the captain has subtracted all costs, each regular crewman would receive a 5% cut. Each NCO (sgt if you have any) would get a 10% cut and each officer (like the 2nd in Command) would get a 15% cut with the Captain keeping the rest.

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okay cool.

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Even though I'm not playing her in the new campaign, Vidia will take the farm, preferably near a Sylvan Forest.

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