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Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors (formerly Buffyverse) kick-off adventure

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Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors
Reboot of the campaign that ended with all of the Buffyverse Slayers killed or sacrificed to heal Gaia.
DM: Brad
PC Rules:
Level 1
Base statistics of 18 in all ability scores.
May have one magic item from their previous Slayer PC.

Link to the event on Facebook:

Silk - Human/Hexblade [4e-Dark Nights Rising Campaign]
Kazoo - Halfling(Kender)/Hybrid(Rogue/Druid) [4e-Sakatha's Tomb]
Morbius Von Kas - Vryloka/Blackguard [4e-Rainbow Warriors Campaign]
Man'Tis Man'Todea - Thri-Kreen/Berserker [4e-Slave Lords Campaign]
Shandral Aurlong - Human/Sorcerer [5e-Hoarde of the Dragon Queen Campaign]
Danilo Rand - Monk/Human [5e-Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign]
Nathan Grey - Ardent (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Walt Dixon - Bladesinger (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Battlefield Soldier: Saturnicus
Diablo III Battletag: Saturnus#1572
XBox GamerTag: Drizityn

Kazoo the Kender: "Hmm, I'll take....the Wand of Wonder." The rest of the party regretted giving Kazoo the first treasure pick.[/b][/b]
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I can make Friday.

What time?

What PCs are other thinking of playing?
My first preference is still a leader, but have a backup defender|striker if needed.

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I'm in (well, it's at my house). Kenji is working on the adventure. Let's plan on 6:15 PM say? I'm taking a vacation day that day from work so people can arrive pretty much as early as they want.

I was thinking of a Striker (melee), or a Leader, or maybe even a defender... have not made up my mind.

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Posting for Chris - he's a (low) maybe...

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With just a soft touch on his cheek and a whisper, "all your power will be mine!...", the weapon that struck the Goddess Glorificus vanished, along with everything else Araghast had on him, including his clothes. Removed from the scene, you notice what the Slayers missed at the time, but Glorificus was surprised and frustrated by the outcome of Her spell... With a flirtatious glance towards the other Slayers, they too found themselves stripped of items, naked. Again, while the Slayers only noticed how the Divine magic affected them, watching the vision you see how frustrated the Goddess was...

Glorificus' magic didn't transport the Slayers' items to Her, but onto the budding Divine forms of the Slayers, scattered about the Slayer Planets. Gaia interfered. The Hell Goddess grew arrogant in Her power and underestimated attacking the Slayers while on the Holy Mother Earth. But now new Gods and Goddesses are away from Holy Mother Earth, and their most vulnerable. Now is when young Godlings become Greater or Lesser, or even beholden to older Hell Gods...

The Slayers became Gods (Planets), and incarnated into Aspects on each Planet, whose lives and actions will determine how the Slayers live out Divine eternity...

...All these memories of the Slayers, of older Kings and Queens, feeling real, have been flashing in glimpses to you ever since puberty. Also, your skills started well rounding (went from 32-pt buy to all 18s). A young <any class/race you want, 1st level>, you find yourself compelled to explore the caves, interplanetary wide called "Mind Of The Slayers", where after stumbling on ancient runes, you find yourself alone, overwhelmed by Hobbit monks with lepercy. Were it not for finding an ancient artifact in the Caves (some of you), you'd probably be dead...

Suddenly, the runes start to glow and you all find yourself in a different cave (except Stu's PC), with several people and now an equal number of Leper monks attacking...

<Assuming you make it past the monks>, most of you find yourselves on a completely foreign world to you, except for Stu's PC, who didn't teleport, but was joined by the others. Low tech, highly militaristic and female hierarchy run world.

Princess Jaclyne looks precisely as Kenneday did and has some threats to her coronation. How well the new Planets do depends on the lives and adventures of the young Aspects of the Slayers...

Post Script: Please post your PC along with background, details about your homeworld so we can work them into the story. (For background & roleplaying opportunities, we'll be starting off helping Kenneday's Planet...) High teck or low tech? Peaceful or violent? Etc? I need your input on backgrounds to weave into the campaign...

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I'm about a 70% chance.
Would be bring a striker.

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Kenji (Brad) DM - confirmed.
Playing - Ken, Ross, Stuart, confirmed. Mickey 70%, Chris 30%, Ibuki no word.
Looking like we'll be close to a full roster of five players. I'll text Ibuki.

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Kenji - DM
Ross - Paladin (defender), Ken (leader?), Mickey (Striker), Chris??, Stuart hmmm... okay I'll stick with a Striker.

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Teramotos wrote:Kenji - DM
Ross - Paladin (defender), Ken (leader?), Mickey (Striker), Chris??, Stuart hmmm... okay I'll stick with a Striker.

Ross has a Paladin (Blackguard) which is a melee striker.
Mickey's is a Striker/Controller hybrid. Avenger (melee striker)/Wizard
Mine is a Leader/Leader hybrid

If you play a striker Stu, you may want an area attacker (monk) or ranged.

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Striker - Rogue - melee or ranged. Posted on the board... still in work.

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A Blackguard is a Striker? I thought a Paladin was a Defender... okay, I've made a Striker but I can switch to Defender (or Leader) if you Ken want to play the Defender.

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Teramotos wrote:A Blackguard is a Striker?  I thought a Paladin was a Defender... okay, I've made a Striker but I can switch to Defender (or Leader) if you Ken want to play the Defender.

The newer Character Builder and Compendium have newer content...

Paladin -> Defender
Paladin (Cavalier) -> Defender
Paladin (Blackguard) -> Striker

Fighter-> Defender
Fighter(Knight) -> Defender
Fighter(Slayer) -> Striker

Ranger-> Striker
Ranger(Hunter) -> Controller
Ranger(Scout) -> Striker

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I'm a 50/50. Still looking at what to create.

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Okay, we do not have either a Defender or a Leader. I'll switch... will work on (another) Leader...

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Teramotos wrote:Okay, we do not have either a Defender or a Leader.  I'll switch... will work on (another) Leader...


So far we have
Ross - Striker (melee striker)
Mickey - Striker/Controller (probably mostly melee striker...)
Ken - Leader

Stu - striker?
Jeff - probably a defender or striker

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I can play Friday night.

I will be playing as Delkra Voice of Aarhagast. a Deva avenger.

I went with the pursuing avenger and the censure of pursuit.

Basic gear cloth armor and a greataxe. No magic items, will be explained in the background.

AC: 18, FORT: 15 WILL, 16, REF, 16 initiative +7, HP: 32.

Backround summary edited in:

Aarahgast was quite frustrated that Glorificus took all of his gear and he was not even able to hit her so as he was becoming a god(ling?) he broke off a piece of himself and gave this new deva the memories of where his magic items were located on the planet as well as the commandment to aid his fellow avatars and to destroy Glorificus if possible if not to just Axe her some sharp questions. haha I could not resist.
Aarahgast knew where his gear was due to a magic item that could see around for a distance and transmit what it say physically to him across any distance even through planar boundaries.
So Delkra will have a rough idea where all of the magic items landed but not where they went after that and was unable to find them previously because he was busy training.

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How much of Aarahgast's world do you want me to create Kenji? Just some rough outlines or details as to where the magic items are? Delkra does have Inquisitive as a background so I was thinking he would know precisely where some of the magic items are through his contacts but they might not be easy to get to.
I have several ideas for magic item locations and a few world locations.

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Let me know if I should come by Friday night or if it looks like you have a full group so that I know

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I will most likely be playing a controller as we are fairly light on those. I was thinking a hunter, maybe a psion or an invoker.

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Krystoff wrote:I will most likely be playing a controller as we are fairly light on those.  I was thinking a hunter, maybe a psion or an invoker.

Up to you...

But with so many melee strikers it looks like the party needs either ranged striking or more healing.

Most of the strikers have decent defenses, but we don't know yet how tough the monsters will be.

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21 Background on Kenneday's Legacy on Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:22 am

I've made a Defender that also has high healing ability.  I think we're more well rounded now.

Regardless if I play the Defender version or the Rogue version of the new PC I've created, Josie Shriver is the first cousin and close friend of the princess. Josie has trained since a young age in the military arts of her world and is a skilled commander and capable fighter in her own right.

Josie is far from the Pussycat she can appear to be, as she has a fighting style more akin to a sly tiger that hunts her prey, looking for the opening to strike.

Josie is the oldest of four sisters and when they were young, they enjoyed music, singing, and dancing along with their lessons in warfare and history.

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I chose an Invoker for their ranged damage and striker secondary role as well as decent controller powers. I used the Knight Hospitaler theme to get some surgeless immediate reaction healing. It isn't much but it will help.

Still not sure if I can make it tonight but I will try.

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Would anything attached to the item that we received from the slayers have come too? Things like Siberys shards?

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Krystoff wrote:Question:

Would anything attached to the item that we received from the slayers have come too?  Things like Siberys shards?

Probably not, but I don't think a DM decision has been made.

If we do get attached items, I'd probably switch to the Mummified hand wearing the ring I selected.

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