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Massive D&D Setup - Renton WA

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1 Massive D&D Setup - Renton WA on Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:28 pm

So, some of you may remember Jim G., the really big guy who played with us a few times. White beard, pony tail, huge hands, played a barbarian in WAR 2. Anyway, I went over to his house on Sunday... OMG!

His basement is a huge D&D gaming center. The walls are lines with 4" wide shelves with hundreds, maybe approaching low thousands, of painted D&D miniatures. There are wider shelves with a huge range of 3D terrain; houses, castles, wall sections, sand dunes, trees, ponds, gates, dungeon walls, dungeon rooms, furniture, etc. etc. I think there was more terrain there than in the WAR Hammer store when it was open in Factoria.

He and his eight friends (all about our age) have been playing D&D on a regular basis since 1984. They play only 3.0 and have all the books we used to have. I counted eight PHB's, all well worn. The shelf for the books was about five foot tall by three feet wide and also contained every Dungeon, and every Dragon magazine every published. It appears they do most stuff on paper.

The table was custom made. It was a sturdy homemade frame with a professionally printed clear plastic grid with one inch squares. Over the grid was a custom cut piece of transparent plastic sheet from Boeing surplus. The table is more square than the table at my place but the DM does have a special station where there are plenty of shelves and side counters within the DM's reach. All the terrain is made to fit on the custom table top.

I was truly blown away. I have pictures on my phone. He was very, very, proud of his set up and rightfully so.


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