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20160527 Recap WAR! The Pirate Pearl and Peril Mission Part 2

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Having broken up the meeting at the Virgin’s Chamber, Strike Force Manticore learns that Fazool and Magis-Rex are on board the Sea Saber, a swift merchant ship in the harbor and they are getting ready to sail. Reorganizing the prisoners, Pax and Raistlin stay with the high value prisoners and a pair of elite guards join Bannor, Souldun, and Belladonna in intercepting the escaping wizards.

Thus, Strike Force Manticore; Souldun (Human Warlord – Vic), Bannor the Bloodguard (human fighter, Brendon), and Belladonna (Human Seeker – Kenji) assisted by two sturdy allied soldiers (played in part by Cody) move out with all speed through the streets of Lennis toward the docks to prevent the pair of wizards from escaping and reorganizing continued fighting on the island.

There are three paths to the docks, the northern route next to the sea is not well traveled but also open and quite visible. The shortest route is directly through the middle of the city. The team can also go through the slums, remaining hidden within the many alleyways there. The trio recalls that Pax tentatively decided that the route through the middle of town, would be the fastest route.

Just past the open air café where the team had encountered Tyr Amar soldiers that morning, nearing the magic store, Bannor being in the lead, runs into six Tyr Amar soldiers who are blocking the two most direct paths to the docks. Bannor moves toward the closest group and battle is joined. Souldun moves toward the middle and attracts the majority of attention from the second group. As additional members of each opposing force join the skirmish, the fight turns into a classical meeting engagement with a general line of battle forming in the middle of the square. As several lesser Tyr Amar soldiers fall the remaining soldiers in black and red fall back with a couple fleeing. Belledonna chases one, leaving Souldun exposed to get flanked and heavily struck until one of the rebel guards can move to interpose. Finally all the TA soldiers are out of the battle with the final one throwing down his sword. The team questions him and gains some info and then has the rebel crossbowman make sure the TA soldier leaves to the west, away from the docks. The team dons the TA tunics and resumes marching to the docks.

After a short rest to enable Elguard the bowman to catch up, Belledonna spies the harbor. There are two ships at the target dock. The near ship is flying the flag of the House of the Golden Grain and has about eight crewmen on deck who appear to be mostly idle. The far ship is flying the flag of the House of Swords and has nearly twenty crewmen on deck and the ship is nearly ready to sail. Magis Rex is on the bow, Fazool is on the stern and a black dwarf is at the head of the gang plank. Belledonna has Ellenor take a small row boat the approach the HoS ship from the rear.

The team then boldly strides right up to the gang plank of the near ship and when questioned by the crewman there, Bannor almost convinces him that he wants something understandable. Belledonna tries to help out and is a bit more believable such that they are allowed on deck and just as they are about to speak with the captain, the crewmen on the HoS ship recognize them as Rebel soldiers and battle is once again joined. Souldun and Bannor bull rush their way onto the target ship just in time. Souldun clearing the way for Belladonna before the path is blocked again and Bannor driving through regardless. Bannor peels off to the left and meets the HoS Captain at the top of the stairs. The black dwarf tangles with the Warlord and then assails Bannor from behind. Souldun tangles with a number of armed crewmen while Belledonna occupies Magis-Rex and the archers on the ship’s bow. Souldun exchanges blows with a swordsman and another crewman who is sheathed in flames. But it’s not long before most of the regular HoS crewmen are down and the battle evolves to Belledonna and Souldun on the main deck, battling the pair of wizards with Bannor on the stairway fighting the HoS Captain and the black dwarf. Ellenor climbs over the rear of the ship and supports Bannor and Elguard continues to fire with his crossbow and any exposed enemy. Finally, the black dwarf decides he’s had enough and jumps over board. With Ellenor’s help, Bannor compels the HoS Captain to surrender. The team concentrates their fire on Magis-Rex and with the adrenaline of battle running through them, score a number of crushing hits, and finally down the battle wizard just after he downs Belladonna. Fazool then teleports away, allowing Souldun to give Belladonna first aid.

Totally exhausted, the team stares blankly at each other, knowing they have barely escaped death yet again.

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