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WAR 2 - The Pirate Pearl and Peril Mission Part 1 - DM Comments

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Thought it was a super start to this two part adventure! The battles were very intense. I applaud Art for trying to concentrate fire, unfortunately you selected the highest hit point enemy (the dwarf) who also was the one who could heal himself the most as a minor action to boot.

The party really went all out, using action points and a lot of dailies. I'm interested to know the status of the group, how many surges left, how many dailies left for each PC. I know every has only one action point.

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Raistlin is at full hits and has two surges left and no daily's. Except for on one or two teleport specific daily's.

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Raistlin, if you could also post for Pax when you get a chance... haha no rush...

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Pax has 5 healing surges left after using three. Pax used all of her daily's during the fight.

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