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WAR 2 - Briefing for 6 May Mission - the Pirate Pearl and Peril Mission

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Chief Cagvree –
It’s clear that the House of Swords, the merchant house that’s been supplying both sides with arms during the war, is trying to broker a deal with certain Try Amar nobles to restart the civil war. Falzool is leading the faction of the House of Swords that has been supporting the activities in our lands. Pelor and Royalist forces are exhausted and the royal leadership is in exile in Tyr Amar. The common citizens who once adheared to the Royalist cause just want peace. By finally eliminating the remaining Royalist leaders and their potential allies, we may be able to finally end the fighting. In a recent development, the Royalists have allied with slavers to disrupt our efforts. However their plans have backfired and many former Royalists have joined us to defeat the slavers. If we can neutralize any potential (imminent) invasion, then we can disperse our remaining organized regiments letting the fighters return home. There are large numbers of current soldiers who still wish to serve in some capacity and they can settle into a more civilian life but in groups in the northern coastal villages where they can form the core of a highly trained coastal militia who can deter any local slaver raids. A former Royalist who now wants peace, has given us the time and place of a meeting where the Royalist leadership will introduce the leaders of the TA forces to representatives of the slave lords and negotiate direct and increased levels of cooperation between them to restart the war. Your mission will be to stop the meeting and capture or eliminate those who would restart the war. Good luck… Free trade and freedom for free men

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Any chance we could give our team members each a large crystal and a bunch of "sticky" small ones that we can stick to the targets then just teleport them? because the crystals seemed to be very accurate so we could just teleport them into a holding cell or interrogation.

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