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20160415 Recap WAR! The Which Witch is Which Mission

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20160415 Recap WAR! The Which Witch is Which Mission
aka The 18-21 Mission - haha

Commander Hoshigate addresses the team. Thanks to the great (covert) recon work of Pax and the other members of SF Manticore, and my arcane research team, I think I've deciphered the glyphs you brought back to me from the Black Pyramid Mission. If I'm right, as the dust settles from this war I might be able to set us all up with pretty nice incomes. I just need your help escorting me back to the pyramid to ensure my calculations are correct. Been a while since I've been in the field. If everything goes well, none of us will need any weapons.

Thus, Strike Force Manticore; Pax (Half Elven Ranger – Art), Raistlin (Human Warlocke – Arthur), Souldun (Human Warlord – Vic), Bannor the Bloodguard (human fighter, Brendon), Vidia (Pixie – Ross) and Tamsin (Monk – Mick) gears up and gets ready to move out.

The return to the pyramid is uneventful until they near the bridge just before the Dryads. A large force of orc warriors teamed with an ogre crash through the thick under brush. A brief battle ensues with the team repulsing all of the orcs, making sure that none of them escaped so that the pyramid’s location remained as secure as possible. Bannor engages and ties up the ogre, keeping him near the tree line so as to protect the less armored team members. Souldun and the Commander move up beside the fighter and thus the three armored team members attract the attention of most of the orcs. Blasts from the orc shamen keep the team spread out. The team downs the orc warriors one at a time, fairly quickly and then concentrate on the Ogre. Tamsin comes into the battle after the orcs have been engaged and the monk attracts the attention of four flanking orcs. Tamsin takes several serious hits before Bannor and Souldun make it over to help. After all the warriors are down, Pax and Raistlin concentrate all ranged attacks on the shamen high up in the trees. Pax makes a perfect long range shot to down the last orc.

The team speaks with the dryads and receives permission to pass through. The team makes to the top of the pyramid and Raistlin disarms the glyphs. Once inside, the team is faces with a very narrow passage, blocked by many boulders. At the end of the passage, there is a teleporting portal. After squeezing part of the way down the tunnel, the team is put on upon by a number of puddings. Using their acid and flowing freely through the small gaps in the rocks, the pudding try to absorb the Pixie, but she is warned and ordered back just in time by the warlord. Bannor charges up and secures the Pixie’s retreat. In a brilliant move, Raistlin teleports the entire party and the puddings into the alternate chamber, which is free of boulders. Free of being squeezed, Bannor makes a mighty cleave and takes out four of the smaller puddings all at once. It’s not long before the acidic puddings are neutralized. The team finds a few magical items that were trapped in the puddings.

After examining the interior the team has what they need and make their escape from the pyramid. The team meets three young girls at the base of the pyramid. Suspecting trouble, the team strikes at the imposters who reveal themselves to be ogre mages. The monsters blast away with frost cones, sleep gas and sharp claws. The largest mage flies back and summons a number of trolls. A titanic struggle erupts, never before has team Manticore been so challenged. At one point, two team members are down and two are asleep. Only the fierce Bannor with the strongest armor and the elusive Pixie remain in the fight. Vidia wakes the monk who is able to heal the downed team members. After receiving several serious wounds each, the Ogre Mages escape, leaving their troll allies to their eventual fate. The team revives their remaining downed members, gives additional first aid, and returns to base.

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I'm going to have to let others fill in the details since I wasn't the DM this time around, I didn't take the usual notes regarding which PC killed which monster and which monster downed which PC. Also I didn't take my usual notes regarding PC's making key critical hits or using action points.

Brad will also have to fill in the blanks regarding the results of the mission.

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