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WAR 2! The Where oh Where Mission - DM Comments and Remarks

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Hahaha... well, I have a whole set of pre-made encounters for the inside of a fortress that I didn't get to use. I guess I can recycle them somehow.

The adventure went quite a bit slower than I expected, sorry about that I'll see what I can do in the future to improve the flow of the encounters. Kind of a let down for me, especially after last week's battle in the slums against the Black Dwarf ambush was so intense.

Comments? Discussion?

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I don't know how much the rebels want to destroy possible threats but if they move quickly we could take the castle with the temporary portal then send all of the elite strikes teams with red crystals through and the strike teams could do a lot of damage.

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Nice thought. The fort used to be the home of the lord of the island. He was killed early in the civil war and it then became a base and training center for the House of Swords who only maintained a very small garrison of about ten men there. They used it more as a rest and resupply base for VIPs, troops in transit, and normal merchant shipments. The vast numbers of half orcs that were there were the remaining troops from the battle. They used the portal to make good their escape back to Tyr Amar to regroup before trying whatever their next plan is. Rebel scouts confirm that the portal is gone and that all the half orcs have left the island. The fort is back to the way it was before, staffed by a small elite squad of HoS soldiers.

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