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Buffyverse - 18 March Comments - Defending the Airport

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Hahaha... thanks Brad/ Kenji for one of your better adventures in recent memory! Oh man, I don't think Ken was very confident that we'd have much of a chance against the four jet fighters. Loved how Arthur just flew right into the jet engines of two of them... Later, Lisa asked me why he didn't just fly into the wing?

Ken was worried but took one plane down by teleporting right into the flight deck... and Ross' move with the C4 was also pretty rad. At this level, it must be difficult to come up with encounters that are really going to challenge the group as they have so many options. The minions Adam sent would instantly destroy a party from any of our other series, but the Slayers took them down in like two rounds...

Anyway - lots of fun! Look forward to the next game!

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I would suggest a seal team that was turned into vampires. Because as seals they would know how to work as a team and they would be highly trained. Making them into vampires would make them pretty close to slayers. I am pretty sure one vampire seal team would be able to take out one or two slayers.

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The Slayers have extraordinary high stats (30+) where a seal may have high stats (18).
There are some Slayers like Ken's, Ross's, Jeff's and Chris's characters which I can't see a seal team taking them down, even alone.

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Yeah but they would do much better than most of the vampires we have been running into currently.

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I don't see most of the slayers fearing any vampires with the exception of maybe the Queen, High Council and Adam. They would charge without a thought after any of them too.

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I agree with that. Their whole purpose is to kill vampires so yeah. I just think the teamwork and long range weaponry might be a little more challenging for the slayers.

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Maybe a Seal Team that are now vampires? So, all the Seal Team skills and super vampire strength too!

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Turning to a vampire only gives an addition +4 str. to the seal. They would need to vampire for centuries to advance their str. up to slayer levels.

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Oh bah the DM can empower them. Laughing

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Mick wrote:I don't see most of the slayers fearing any vampires with the exception of maybe the Queen, High Council and Adam. They would charge without a thought after any of them too.

And, 'coincidentally' I'm planning on 3 more Buffyverse adventures @ 30th! Cool

...Almost time for the end of the campaign. Crying or Very sad How long ago did we start? When do you guys want to play at 30th? Next week Sat works for me if Ross can pick me up @BFF again...

Post Script: 1st to 30th... The Slayers have come a long way!... Shocked

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Saturday sounds like a great day to have a slayer mission.

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