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20160304 Recap WAR! The Black Pyramid Mission

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1 20160304 Recap WAR! The Black Pyramid Mission on Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:39 pm

The Black Pyramid Mission

Strike Force Manticore; Pax (Half Elven Ranger – Art), Bannor (Human Fighter, Brendon) and Whey (Human Fighter, Stuart) are alerted to stand by.

Commander Bakken informs the team that our agents have learned of a meeting schedule to take place on Zemya Major. A regiment of half orc mercenaries has an encampment on the beach and representatives of forces friendly to the Royalists are going to meet at the camp to discuss a new alliance against the Rebels. The New Hope Regiment has be reactivated and they will be the primary strike force against the half orcs. Your mission, and the mission of the other four elite strike teams, will be to form a perimeter around the beach area to prevent the representatives from making it to the meeting, and also to prevent Royalist reinforcements from supporting the half orcs. Strike Force Manticore is given the central section of the perimeter, furthest from the beach.

After examining their sector, and confirming that it’s quiet, the trio note through the brush a very large black pyramid. Approaching the pyramid, they are distracted by a pair of very beautiful elven women. Pax speaks with them and determines that they are dryads, a type of magical tree sprite. The dryads are not hostile to the team, especially since they did not use Bannor’s axe to cut down a tree in order to cross the steam. The dryads let the team pass through their area so the SF can investigate the pyramid.

Climbing up the pyramid, the trio is attacked by a pair of gargoyles. The stone skinned beasts swoop back and forth swiping at them. Pax, counters with a hail of arrows. Bannor and Whey striking at them when they get close. Bannor easily climbs up the face of the pyramid, but Pax has a bit of trouble and falls a couple times. After Pax falls down the pyramid for a third time, she climbs a nearby tree and the accuracy of her fire increases. At the top of the pyramid, there is an entrance to the lower levels, but it is guarded by a magic rune which turns the ground to mud. Bannor makes it inside and is confronted by a phase spider.

The spider takes a heavy wound from Bannor’s axe and decides to teleport outside and attack Whey and Pax. After a lengthy battle, the gargoyles return to stone form.

Gale the air spirit arrives and tells the trio that the half orcs were scattered and that Bannor is to go to the west and relay the message to the Blood Hawks. Pax and Whey are to head south to the beach.

To be continued…

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I didn't forget. That was Friday the 11th. The recap above is for Friday the 4th. :-)

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Oh. I thought the orc battle was the 11. My mistake.

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