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Pathfinder PDF humble bundle

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1 Pathfinder PDF humble bundle on Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:01 pm

Not sure that people even want these but since they are RPG related I figured I would let people know about it. (read the bottom for 2 free Pathfinder books)

Pay $1 (or more) and get the following Pathfinder PDFs
Core Rulebook
GameMastery Guide
Digital Beginner Box
Player Character Folio
Advanced Class Guide
GM Screen
Adventure Path: In Hell's Bright Shadow (Hell’s Rebels 1 of 6)

Pay Above Average ($17.02 at the time of writing) and get the following Pathfinder PDFs
Inner Sea World Guide
Strategy Guide
Ultimate Equipment
Pathfinder Society Scenario 7-01: Between the Lines
Adventure Path: Turn of the Torrent (Hell’s Rebels 2 of 6)
Advanced Player's Guide

Pay $15 (or more) and get the following Pathfinder PDFs
Ultimate Campaign
Ultimate Combat
Bestiary 2
Adventure Path: Dance of the Damned (Hell’s Rebels 3 of 6)
Inner Sea Poster Map Folio
Pathfinder Society: Year of the Sky Key Scenario Mega-Pack (23 Adventures!)

If you pay more than $25, then you get the Physical copy of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box (Physical Copy).

If you provide your email address (I always uncheck the subscribe buttons) or use something like 10 minute mail, you can get two free Pathfinder PDFs. (Get ​Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Primer and ​Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide for FREE! ). If you don't know what 10 minute mail is it gives you a free email address that works for 10 minutes and then is deleted. Then you get your key and your real email isn't ever subscribed for anything.



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