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20160205 Recap WAR! The Ship Gave Me the Slip Mission

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The Ship Gave Me the Slip Mission

Strike Force Manticore; Pax (Half Elven Ranger – Art), Vidia (Pixie Rogue – Ross), Raistlin (Human Invoker – Arthur), Souldun (Human Warlord – Vic), and Belladonna (Human Seeker, Kenji) are celebrating after recovering the Lantern of Battle and delaying any pending invasion of Grong Island by Tyr Amar forces.

Commander Bakken informs the team that the Silhouette under the command of Captain Pike is missing. Captain Pike’s mission was to protect the north coast from slavers and to discover any more information regarding a potential Tyr Amar invasion. Strike Force Manticore will depart on the morning tide on the Windsong w Captain Jana and try to find the fate of the Silhouette. The team shall return no later than ten days.

The team learns that Hulio is on board with a mission to meet Amber Longstalk, a known ally to the cause. Hulio is suppose to have Jana navigate to a point off the north coast and meet up with a merchant ship belonging to the House of the Golden Grain. There, Hulio will board the HoGG ship and speak with Miss Longstalk and then return to the Windsong.

After arriving at the north coast, lookouts sight a fishing boat. Vidia wisely tells Souldun to watch the side of the Windsong that is away from the fishing boat in case the fishing boat is a diversion. As it happens, the fishing boat is only a fishing boat and they did happen to see the Silhouette, three days ago, heading northwest into a storm, toward Tyr Amar. Moving into position to meet the HoGGs, the lookouts sight a Tyr Amar War Frigate heading right toward the Windsong. Jana reminds everyone that Grong Island is not at war with Tyr Amar and orders the crew to respectfully salute the passing frigate, who do the same. Souldun note that the name of the frigate is the “Sea Raven”. Hulio is beside himself… the HoGG ship does not show and instead a Tyr Amar War Frigate shows up at the exact time, at the exact place of where they were suppose to meet the HoGGs? That’s just too much of a coincidence. All decide to head up the coast to nearby village to see if any more intelligence can be uncovered there.

After a few minutes, Pax and the rest of the SF arrive at the village using the longboat. After questioning he villagers, the team learns that there were some soldiers recently sighted to the east and a Cog sighted to the west. SFM heads east and Jana sends some of her men to check out the inlet to the west where the Cog entered. SFM encounters Captain Crystal Sharp and her team from the House of Swords. She claims they are looking for a place to build a smith. Souldun notes she is a Master Captain (equal to a modern day Major) and that she is wearing a signal horn around her neck. Even though Belledonna nearly shoots them, both sides back off and go about their business. Upon returning to the ship, SFM learns that the other team found a hidden long boat, but not much else. With no new local intelligence, the team sets course north by north west to find the Silhouette

Entering a heavy mist, the ship is set upon by devil men of the deep. Although several crewmen are dragged overboard, the team and crew fight off the attack. The mist clears and lookouts sight a grounded ship. SFM heads ashore and determines it is the Silhouette and it is totaled. The are several dead crewmen aboard who drowned. Jana says that the Silhouette was far closer to shore than it should have been. The Sailmaster alerts SFM that there is smoke up the coast a short way and SFM goes to investigate. They find a smoldering fire and a natural tunnel. Upon entering the tunnel, SFM is descended upon by a host of undead. A running battle ensues with the team retreating back toward the mouth of the tunnel. Despite the tight quarters, Pax fires out a hail of arrows. A third of the way into the retreat, Belladonna falls and Souldun heals her but she is hit again and falls again. Raistlin is seemingly pinned more than once but manages to teleport away each time and goes from being surrounded to nearly out of the tunnel. Souldun serves as the rear guard and the last to fall back but continues to be the target of a large number of attacks. Vidia evades the undead and finds a flute, a cape and a bow at the very end of the tunnel. After a very “near death” experience, the team makes it to the tunnel entrance and the remaining undead retreat. After the undead are gone, the team finds two surviving sailors and an incapacitated Captain Pike. They quickly get the survivors aboard the Windsong and return to Leniss.

Belledonna is awarded the Bloody Knife Token with Silver Star. Pax is elevated to full Master Chief. Commander Bakken is questioning Captain Pike as he recovers and will brief Strike Force Manticore in the very near term. Outstanding work on completing your mission!

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