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20151120 Recap WAR! The Coast to Toast Mission - Part 2

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The Coast to Toast Mission Part 2

From Part 1, Strike Force Manticore’s mission was to secure the northwest coast of the islands which are relatively undefended as the Royalist blockade has ended as the Royalist navy is either at the bottom of the sea or has fled. SF Manticore was also charged with investigating both a ruined temple of Pelor and a structure that is being built near the village of Homlet.

Strike Force Manticore; Pax (Half Elven Ranger – Art), Raistlin (Human Invoker – Arthur), Souldun (Human Warlord – Vic) Belladonna (Human Seeker, Kenji) and Tamsin (Monk – Mick) is resting after fighting off the owl bear.  In order to determine the exact status of the mystery building, Pax sends Hulio, Tamsin and Souldun to scout out the building better and report back.  Pax, Belladonna and Raistlin treat their wounds, have a quick meal and move out to catch up with the others.

The trio has only been on the march for a short time when they see Hulio charging toward them.  Close behind is a large manticora with a damaged wing.  Belladonna and Pax open fire and Raistlin begins blasting with magic.  Belladonna and Raistlin, still nursing several wounds from the prior battles, find it hard to find the mark.  Pax on the other hand seems to be laser focused and hits the charging owl bear six times in rapid succession, once right in its left eye, enraging the beast.   Hulio, turns around and keeps up a slow, but steady fire, adding the damage from the bolts from his small crossbow.  A couple of Belladonna’s arrows finally find the mark, distracting the beast as it hurls spikes in return.  Several spikes fly near the two archers, but neither Pax nor Belladonna are seriously wounded.  Having had enough, the beast runs off.

Hulio informs Pax that Souldun and Tamsin are still observing the best approach to the building, Tamsin doing the observing and Souldun hanging well back as backup.  After Hulio has described the building layout and the fact that it is guarded by ten armored humanoids, two soldiers of Tyr Amar and the Pearl of Pelor and a Pelor Priest, Pax begins to mull over a plan of attack.  Hulio then tells Pax that he must return to Homlet and give Chief Ball an update.  Thus, Pax, Belladonna and Raistin continue toward the building but are delayed when a band of highwaymen try to rob them.   Pax chooses not to pay off the bandits, and when they attack, a very tough bandit attacks from the left flank, causing the Raistlin the invoker to shift defensively.  Unfortunately, Raistlin is knocked off balance by the sudden attack and falls.  Pax engages the three bandit archers in a ranged duel and Belladonna takes down one of the bandit swordsmen and causes another to flee.  She then uses the natural terrain to slow a couple more.   Meanwhile, Pax and Raistlin are engaged with the bandit leaders who are aided by the remaining swordsman and the three archers, one of which rushes over to assist the bandits fighting Belladonna. After Pax has the team fall back to regroup, and then concentrate fire, the bandit leaders, both badly wounded, decide that the trio from SF Manticore is too tough and call a general retreat.  

While the trio is resting from the fight with the bandits, the Warlord and Monk return and report.  The team plans their attack and move ahead when they come across an encampment of refugees.  They approach, sending Souldun and Raistlin to negotiate.  They discover that the refugees, led by a Priestess of Pelor and the legendary hero Spurr, are waiting to be picked up by a passing merchant ship.  The refugees offer the team a large number of Scripts of Pelor, 4,000 GP worth for only 600 GP and Raistlin gladly accepts.  Spurr challenges the mightiest warrior present to a duel and Souldun accepts and remarkably wins the duel; barely deflecting Spurr’s slashing longsword with his shield before grazing the champion’s leg with a risky low axe swing.  Spurr rewards the warlord with a dagger as a token of the match.  Raistlin then warns the people about the nearby slavers and Spurr agrees that it would be best for the people to leave the area, heading away from the slavers and they thank the team for their warning.

While Belledonna, Souldun and Raistlin approach from the south, Pax sneaks closer from the southwest across the stream, and Tamsin comes from the west along the beach.  Tamsin is not yet in position when one of the Tyr Amar soldiers spots Pax across the river and sounds the alarm.  The leader humanoid dispatches three of his guards to check it out.  Then Tamsin appears and the leader sends three more guards over the open ground toward Tamsin and also goes himself.  Belledonna summons a swarm of bats around the Tyr Amar guards and also uses the plants there to slow any enemies approaching the Warlord, the Invoker and herself.  The Pearl of Pelor joins the fight and teleports across the stream to attack the Ranger.  Pax maneuvers away and is grazed by a couple throwing axes and a couple crossbow bolts from the Tyr Amar soldiers.  The Pearl of Pelor attempts to give chase but must swim across the water and is hit by several arrows and then the Warlord blocks his path as he emerges from the stream.  Raistlin summons a magical blade and an angel to counter the Avenger’s threat and the humanoid leader directs more troops to the area and the Priest of Pelor moves to heal the Avenger.  

Tamsin is fully engaged with a little less than half of the enemy force, causing one of the guards to quickly flee and slowing two others.  The battle continues to rage near the back of the building as single guards pass by the bats and vines, evade the warlord who is dueling the avenger, and then threaten Raistlin and Belledonna only to be downed or chased off by spells, the angel, the phantom sword, and arrows.  Belladonna and Raistlin fight with extra effort as the warlord guides them in making many extra attacks to keep the number of enemies from overwhelming them in their area of the battle.  Pax moves over the stream toward the main part of the team and is inspired (healed a lot) by the warlord to continue fighting.  Tamsin shakes off a number of her pursuers and downs the priest with a flurry of blows.  

At this key turning point in the battle, the avenger teleports near Raistlin who teleports up into a tree and the avenger, seeing most of this allies either down or on the run, teleports out of the battle.  Pax then makes a near epic shot, shooting two arrows with one pull of the string and downs both a huge hobgoblin guard and a distant hobgoblin whip master!  With Tamsin downing the priest with one attack, the avenger gone, and none of Team Manticore down, the remaining humanoids flee.  After dressing their many wounds, the team discovers a large magic lantern on a cart and decide to bring it along. They also free a couple dozen slaves from the building and direct them to join Spurr’s nearby group and the team points the former slaves in the general direction.  Raistlin and Belledonna then prompt the team to burn down the building which they do.  

They regroup, rest and move out and after a short while are confronted by Magis-Rex, a powerful Tyr Amar battle wizard.  Rather than fight him, Pax agrees to let him take the lantern in exchange for a bag of magic powder.  After the Battle Wizard vanishes with the lantern, the team sees that Magis-Rex had an escort of three more battle mages and three guards.  The team then returns to Homlet and where they are picked up by the Windsong and Captain Jana returns them to Leniss to give their report.

The team determines that the bag of dust is enough for each of them to gain a 9th Level Magic item or lower.  Raistlin discovers that the paper currency of Pelor is nearly worthless as the government structure backing it is bankrupt from the war and they printed far more notes of credit than they had actual gold to back the notes.  Instead of being worth 4,000 GP, Raistlin only receives 80 GP for the notes.  Souldun finds out that the dagger is magical (+2 to hit and damage, +5 vs. humans trained in Arcane).  The two Throwing Axes are magical (strike as a Hand Axe + 2 to hit and damage, Throw Range 10/15) and returning) and may be given to any team member or each sold for the price of a +2 Magic Weapon.  As team leader, Pax will make the decision on who gets each of the Axes.

For completing the mission with a high degree of success, killing a couple bandits as well as defeating the large number of humanoid mercenaries guarding the slave holding building, destroying the slave holding building itself, freeing more than twenty citizens of Grong Island, delivering Hulio’s important dispatches with all of the things he has observed in the last two weeks, and gaining information regarding the activities of the wizards of Tyr Amar, all team members receive a Silver Mission Ribon w two Red Stars.  Pax is promoted to acting Master Chief and awarded a Bronze Star Pin for effective leadership.  As a side note, during this time, Vidia was leading Strike Force Green and was promoted to acting Master Chief also.  Belladonna and Raistlin are promoted to Section Chief.  Tamsin and Souldun are promoted to Chief.  Souldun is awarded a Silver Trumpet Pin for inspiration in battle.  Tamsin is awarded the token of the Bloody Knife w Silver Star.  For extra-ordinary valor in the attack on the building, Tamsin is also awarded a Combat Badge (bravery in battle) and is told that she can draw any 7th Level Item of his selection from the Unit Quarter Master.  All team members receive their regular pay of 200 GP.

Commander Bakken debriefs the team by reminding them that the Wizard Buzzard Bait, and his blind elite guard are not associated with the battle wizards of Tyr Amar.  Buzzard Bait is a very old and powerful wizard who lives on a cloud and mostly minds his own business.  Sho-Hawk, 3rd Battle Wizard of Tyr Amar is a younger, more combat ready wizard than Magis-Rex.  Although Magis-Rex had access to much more powerful offensive spells and other magics, Sho-Hawk would be a tougher opponent to kill due to his youth, higher constitution, and strong defensive magics.  The group also learns that the freed citizens did in fact join up with the group led by Spurr.  The entire group made it to Homlet and some decided to stay on Grong Island and others boarded a merchant ship bound for Cassndra’s Town.  Intelligence reports that the Pearl of Pelor is still in the northwestern area of the island and Commander Bakken has a number of assets deployed trying to relocate the Tyr Amar Lantern of Battle.  If this lantern can be located and destroyed, it could delay or prevent a planned Tyr Amar invasion of the islands.  The Commander bids that the team rest in the city and hone their skills for the next mission.

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After Pax made her double kill there was only one humanoid left.

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Gird Strongarm guided my aim....

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