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War! Pre-Mission Briefing - The Coast to Toast Mission

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The Coast to Toast Mission – Briefing  (7th Level)

Commander Annette Bakken – From your last mission, we now know that an army is mustering in the southern coast of Tyr Amar.  We do not know when they plan to leave their camp, or how they will be employed.  We have sent additional resources to the area and they report the army continues to train and they are being supplied from inland by wagon trains coming from farming areas and by ships, flying the flag of the House of the Golden Grain, specifically from Cassandra’s Island.   Since we have defeated the Royalists, the ships of the Royalist navy have either been; sunk, deserted and become merchants or privateers, or have fled to port cities where Royalist leaders are hiding.  Other than the half dozen or so mostly smaller ships we used to run the blockade, or captured from the Royalists, our maritime force is nearly non-existent compared to the former 30 ship Royal Fleet.  This means that except for the immediate area near Leniss, the entire coastline of the islands is undefended.   Pirates and slavers have started appearing in small, but increasing numbers.  We have stationed garrisons of holibars and other light troops near some of the more vulnerable areas and all of the coastal villagers have been warned and many have increased their defenses.

One of our messengers recently spotted some unusual activity along the north western coast, near the Village of Homlet.  She spotted a small warship flying the black crow of Tyr Amar anchored next to a heavily armed sloop.   There were two Battle Wizards and a small team of elite guards and a couple dozen humanoid slaves building some kind of wooden structure near the beach.   A bit further down the beach, she spotted a small valley filled with zombies.  Overlooking the valley, she noted that a small coastal temple of Pelor appeared to be occupied by priests wearing black robes (not Pelor).  

Your mission is to travel to the area around Homlet.  During your entire mission, you are to deter by any means, any slavers or pirates that intend to harm the local citizens.  If you encounter any pirate or slavers, attempt to gather any intelligence you can regarding their numbers, allies, bases, and planned activities.  You are to go to the temple of Pelor and attempt to determine the identity and purpose of the priests there.  You are to locate the structure that our friends from Tyr Amar were building and determine its purpose.  Before doing anything else, report to the garrison commander at Homlet.    Stay in the area no longer than four days and then report back here to Leniss with your findings.  The challenge for this mission will be “Wonder” and the password will be “River”.  The trouble password will be “Orphan”.  This is your warning order, stand to and be prepared to embark no later than sunrise tomorrow.

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Raistlin reporting for the mission commander.

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Make trouble for slavers and pirates? Sounds like fun. -Belladonna

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