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GAME ON! Friday 13 November - WAR 2 The Coast to Toast Mission

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What are peoples schedules like for November?

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Outside of TG weekend, my Fridays are free...

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(Long recap coming, for last 3 adventures, but I find myself thinking more of the next adventure than the last...)

Giles, 10th level elite Deva, 110 hps, (last of the Watchers when the Watcher's Council blew up), after hearing your recounts of the last couple adventures, the Gaia 'Slayer Vision', Adam...

(Obviously beaming with pride...) "See? I told you you still need a Watcher! A vision and gift from Gaia! Amazing! So your actions today will not only decide the fate of Humanoid kind, but of the deity Gaia Herself! This is your mission. Stopping the Vampires' "Great Harvest", saving Humanoid kind, and Gaia. Yes, I know Adam sounds scary, but you can't stop the mission because some new 'Big Bad' is trying to kill you. The mission is what matters.

As it happens, it looks like London is where the mission is leading us next. I actually have a personal mission there as well... Where are we going to bring the Eloi? And the Shamballans next? We must stop Humanoids from dying..."

<Just then, all of the Slayers get a text message on your phones (despite you having unlisted numbers)>

"Slayers. Thank you for the fight the other day. Those two wounds burned of... pain. Exquisite. What a fantastic sensation to let us know we are living. No wonder why I enjoy slaughter so much. What a wonderful birthday present! I look more forward than ever to fulfilling Mother's wish and meeting you all again. The minor creatures here are too tame. Earth is where the action is. I am on my way. See you soon. -Adam"

The text does not have a return number...

Giles: (less confidently than before) "The mission is what matters..."

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Ross is confirmed as out on Friday 13th.
Ibuki is also out. (but he's a veteran Westron citizen anyway)

Terry is in. Brad is in.
So, if it is WAR 2... that means there is space for four more players for a full party of six.

So, Art, Arthur, Vic plus only one more...
If all three of you (Art/ Arthur/ Vic) can make it, then I'll give direction on the sixth.

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I believe the Jurys can make it.

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Waiting to hear from Vic then.
Oh, with Bannor being there, who are you (Arthur) going to play?
Bannor (fighter), Pax (ranged striker), Belladona (ranged striker), Warlord (Vic) possible...

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If Vic is there Raistlin.

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Oh, okay, so I don't have to make Raistlin evil yet! Hahaha... don't forget to advance all your PC's to 7th. Brad, if you're reading this, would you please advance Vic's Warlord to 7th in case he's in.

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definitely the Jury's, so Paks.... also should I send a note to the Dans, or are they still playing?

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oops just read your post Stuart, Ill wait for DM instructions....

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Arthur, so if Vic plays his Warlord, you'll be playing Raistlin, and if Vic can't make it, chances are there will be a dwarf fighter or a Paladin to help out Bannor the Bloodguard. Looks like in any event, there is a Controller shortage... just saying... I personally think hack and slash melee types are more fun to play, but hey, that's just me.

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Oh, let's go for a start time of 7 PM... I'm sure there will be a number of early arrivals so feel free to arrive as early as you'd like.

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Vic is in. So now there are five confirmed.

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Dan H. cannot make it. Terry had a last minute conflict and had to cancel. So down to four now: Art, Arthur, Brad and Vic.

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Should I invite Dan T?

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