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War! The Third Time's An Obelisk Mission - DM Comments and Remarks

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All... well, a very strong team... good thing I had "standby" monsters ready for each encounter. As it was, I think the game moved along fairly well and although we finished a bit late, we were able to complete the entire adventure as planned. If I suspect a very strong party in the future, I'll adjust the encounters appropriately to enable a finish closer to eleven thirty rather than one AM. Avoiding unnecessary fights also helped to speed things along.

I don't think the absence of a true Controller hurt the party much and having a better balance of Strikers to Defenders and Leaders I think helped a lot.

Discovering the Tyr Amar army is key to the next adventure and I'm anxious to work Rastlin into the storyline. He was in the last mission but the party just didn't happen to meet him (this time). Any other comments/ feedback?

Great to see you Terry! Welcome Vic.

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Are Mick and Terry going to be playing more often in the this group?

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That's a good question.

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If Mick and Terry are going to play more I would love to go back to playing Raistlin.

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Since it's uncertain what's going to happen, I'd suggest leveling up Raistlin to 7th just in case. Oh, and I won't "kill him off" as an NPC then... haha. Note, if Vic doesn't play and you go back to Raistlin, that would leave the team w/o a healer (again).

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Yeah. If vic plays regularly and mick and terry play often with the group I think going back to raistlin would be alright.

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