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20151009 Recap WAR! The Third Time's An Obelisk Mission

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The Third Time’s an Obelisk  Mission

After rescuing Lt Commander Bakken, Strike Force Manticore (Half Elven Ranger – Art),  Vidia (Pixie Rogue – Ross) , and Belledonna (Brad), are reinforced by fresh recruits as Raistlin is assailed by mysterious headaches after being exposed to the extra-dimensional prison where Bakken was trapped, and Thrain is still recovering from being stung by the Phase Spiders.  As all three remaining team members are female archers, the team is reinforced by a few fighter types; Kelraden (Priest – Arthur), Tamsin (Monk – Mickey), Bannor the Bloodguard (Fighter – Terry) and Sundusk (Warlord – Vic).  

While Pax is reviewing maps of the intended area of operations, Vidia chooses to have the Wizard Bender teleport the team near to the target area, a group of magical Obelisks that hold important information concerning the towers that the Royalists are using somehow to plan their next move.  Vidia thought that by teleporting, the team could arrive more quickly than by taking either the Silhouette or the Windsong.

Not too surprisingly, there was a minor mishap with the spell and only a portion of the team arrived and even then, not at the target area.  Vidia, Belledonna, Bannor and Kelraden found themselves in the middle of a Temple of Pelor with a number of large fiery angels attacking them.   Vidia smartly headed toward the doors and was able to get through, followed by Belledonna.  The two fighters kept the angels occupied and then due to a delay in the spell, Pax, Tamsin, and Sundusk appeared on the far side of the room.   Although relatively new to special operations, Tamsin proved to be a clever combatant, opening the doors on the opposite side of the temple and allowing several other team members through.  After a brief skirmish, the team was able to exit the temple and the fire angels returned to their lofty perches inside and resumed their stone form.  

After stopping at an all night inn to get breakfast and recover from the fight with the angels, the team moved through the streets and alleys of the city toward the roads inland and the site of the wizard’s house where the obelisks are.  Just before leaving the city, the team converses with Lord and Lady Abo, a middle aged couple out for a very early pre-dawn stroll.  After exchanging pleasantries and Vidia trying to steal the Lady’s jewelry, the team is on their way.  

In the darkness ahead, the team hears the sounds of thunder and a few minutes later, discover about a half dozen bodies of hobgoblins soldiers, killed by fire, lightning, and strange metal sling stones.   Pax determines that two groups of humanoids left the area; first group of six to ten heading the same direction as team Manticora and the second group of about twenty split up and headed in multiple directions in threes and fours away from the area, but mostly to the northwest.    The team pushes forward.

Not too much further, the team is ambushed by hobgoblin raiders.   Spearmen descend from both flanks and an archer or two cover the advancing soldiers with bow fire.  Nearly all of the team members engage the hobgoblins to the west leaving only Tamsin to hold off the enemy to the east.  Although Vidia circles back to the northeast to support Tamsin, to the rest of the team, it appears that the monk is fully engaged fighting two spearmen and the hobgoblin leader, with a third spearmen approaching her, and two archers firing at her.   Bannor, Kelraden and Sundusk blunt the charge of the western three soldiers while Belledonna and Pax exchange arrows with the lone western archer.  Although taking serious wounds, the monk manages to hold out, and dishes out as good as she gets.  Belledonna makes a couple exacting shots, forcing the western archer to flee, and Bannor and Sundusk combine their skills to drive back the western soldiers.   Knowing they’ve run across trained elite soldiers and not just some traveling town folk, the remaining hobgoblins flee the scene.

The team regroups and soon spot the encampment of a force of Tyr Amar wizards, including one they think is the legendary Magus Rex.  The team decides to push forward to try to beat them to the site of the ruined mansion.  After a time, the team is confronted by a lone mage in a feathered cloak who blasts the team with a scorching blast and then shoot Bannor with a thunder wand, causing great damage.  Belledonna and the other ranged attackers return fire and the image of the mage vanishes, leaving only a feathered cloak, an L shaped wand and a short sword.

The team sights smoke to the east and has Vidia check it out.  It turns out to be an army of several hundred Try Amar troops.   Dodging the squads of sentries, Vidia returns with her findings.  While Vidia is out scouting, the rest of the team lights the Silver Brazier they were given and it summons and old, frail wizard named Aklem who is allied with their mission.  Bannor and the monk, having heard of such magic before, guide the rest of the team in summoning the wizard and then take the lead in discussing the mission with him.

As is turns out, Team Manticore does reach the site of the obelisks before the party from Tyr Amar.  Unfortunately, there is a group of lizard men who are searching through the ruins to see if there’s anything of interest or anyone tasty to eat.  The team approaches from the northeast and moves south to divert the scaly foes away from the northern most obelisk, allowing Aklem to activate it.  Bannor, Kelderan, and Tamsin form a skirmish line, supported by the warlord.   Pax and Belledonna draw a number of lizard men around the flanks.  As Bannor downs several of the lizard men to the west, the flanking lizard men attack the fighters from behind.  Vidia draws off the lizardman standing near the western obelisk and Aklem activates that one.  Vidai also downs a lizardman who is nearing the northern activated obelisk.   Belledonna tries to hide near the southern obelisk just as Aklem tries to approach it to activate it.   Belledonna moves off just enough to draw the lizard men away, allowing the last obelisk to be activated.  Suddenly a chain of lightning connect the obelisks and the Aklem who then declares he “Knows the answer”.  After witnessing such a dramatic display of magic and having taken enough casualties, the remaining lizard men flee.  Before the party from Tyr Amar arrives, Team Manticore wisely decides to move off as soon as they have patched their wounds.

On the way back, the team is stopped by The Elite Guard and have a brief encounter with the legendary Buzzard Bait and Kelredan returns the pistol to the time traveling wizard.  The team then makes it back to Seaside and catches the Windsong back to Grong Island.
Battle Chief Pax is awarded a command ribbon.  Vidia is promoted to acting Battle Chief and Belledonna is promoted to Section Chief.   Bannor and Tamsin are both awarded the emblem of the Bloody Knife with Silver Star.   Belledonna and Tamsin both earn a combat badge of bravery.  All PC’s may advance to 7th Level.

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I don't recall any angles. Were they Obtuse, Acute or right angles?

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