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WAR! The Bring Home the Bakken Mission - DM Comments and Remarks

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Wow! What a great game...
Despite a little bit of a late start, we still did ten encounters in less than six hours. Included in the mix were at least five pretty good sized battles. I especially liked the battle in the pirate tunnels against the lizard man raiders.

Pax had the most amazing run of shooting I've seen in recent memory. A good job by the party in avoiding encounters to save abilities and surges in order to complete the mission.

Hmm... the group is very slowly improving in putting down monsters and using teamwork. Nad's presence (Paladin) would have been helpful in protecting Rastlin a bit. As a change may be taking place for the next adventure, the team might be without anyone trained in Arcane and without a Controller. If the team can gain a Leader who can heal, that might offset. Hmmm... discuss...

I really had a lot of fun writing this adventure as well as running it...what did you all think?

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I liked the adventure. One thing though is maybe when we were fighting the spiders if we could find where they were teleporting to, or the nest would have been cool.
Next adventure I will be playing a good human cleric. I will trained in Arcana, Heal, Insight, Diplomacy and religion of course. I have pretty good healing per encounter.
Defenses are: AC=24, Fort=22, Will=19, Reflex=22.
His name is Kelredan Sevacandrozardus.

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Very good, Welcoming Kelredan to Strike Force Manticore. Please post him in People Places Things with the other WAR! characters. Hmmm.. if you don't mind, could I (the DM) play Raistlin in the next adventure? I could work it into the storyline how he leaves the team... heh heh heh...

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Okay! Go ahead and play Raistlin that sounds interesting.

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He'll probably make him a traitor.

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Thats what I am thinking too. I just hope he does not buff the heck out of him.

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