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WAR! Pre-Mission Briefing - The Bring Home the Bakken Mission

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Battle Chief Cagvree -

Due in part to the intelligence provided by Baron Baltic who was very grateful our forces helped defeat the Orc raiders, coupled with confirming intelligence Kit Katt was able to foster from some of her merchant contacts within the House of Swords, we think we know the location of Lt. Commander Bakken, a mage loyal to our cause and close friend of Chief Bender (Wendy and Gale’s father). LtC Bakken was thought to have been killed in the Seige of Sulduskoon but now we suspect the forces of Pelor are holding LtC Bakken in an abandoned pirate’s lair on Zemya Minor. Kit Katt tells us that the House of Swords has an interest in Bakken and that they may attempt to move Bakken to Tyr Amar soon as our enemies may know that we now know Bakken is alive and it is reasonable that we may attempt a rescue. If Bakken is moved to Tyr Amar, our chances of a rescue are very slim. We also cannot let the House of Swords interrogate Bakken as Bakken was a very well connected merchant before the war and specialized in transportation magic. It is also rumored Bakken knows the secret of the fabled “Towers of Teleportation”.

The challenge for this mission is “Steelhead” and the pass word is “Triton”. The trouble pass word is “Annette”. Captain Jana Storm of the Windfury will pick you up here (Battle Chief Cagvree points at a map) at 0800 two days hence to take you to the mission area. Consider this your Warning Order. Draw equipment from the unit quartermaster and await your Activation Order to go to the pre-deployment location. Good luck, move swiftly without delay to bring home Bakken before those pigs from Tyr Amar fry Bakken’s brain to gain the secret of the towers.

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