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WAR! I Need A Break Mission - Mission Conclusion - DM Comments

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I thought this was a good segment... got a little slow in the middle as the team was attempting to determine how best to complete their mission. There was a little "Meta-Gaming" that I'll try to head off in the future. If the team had tried to find the Baron, I would have allowed the attempt and I have several random/ wandering encounters available. Note, for a small team of operatives, traveling on foot in non-native land (even w a guide), the chances of locating a fast moving group of men on horseback is, well, remote unless you know exactly where they are heading and you are in a position to cut them off.

The "other" group of horsemen were Rebels and they were assigned to divert (through non-violent means) as many of the Baron's men as possible away from the outpost to give SF Manticore a chance to break KitKat out. If the team would have met the Rebel light horsemen, the Captain would have ordered you to attack the outpost as quickly as possible while he and his men risk their lives for you acting as your diversion.

The highlight battle was very close to a total party kill. For many rounds, both of the heavy footmen, the snake, and the sword mage were all below 25 hits. At the end of the battle, the two enemy crossbowmen each had more than 60 hits (they were largely untouched). I'm thinking the team could have allocated fire power a bit better and maybe used APs and dailies a bit sooner to reduce the enemy's number of attacks each round. Healing seems to be at a bit of a premium without a Leader/ Healer member on the team.

Can't wait for the next adventure! Love to hear your comments and feedback below...

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