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20150508 Recap WAR! The I Need A Break Mission - Part 1

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The I Need A Break Mission

After delivering the shipment of Royalist supplies to the regional quarter master, Strike Force Manticore - Pax (Half Elven Ranger – Art),  Raistlin  (Human Invoker – Arthur), Thrain Soflaug  (Dwarf Fighter – Dan), Vidia (Pixie Rogue – Ross) and Nad (Human Paladin, Dan T) is assigned the difficult mission of rescuing a high value rebel operative from a Baron’s fortified outpost.
For this mission, Thrain and Pax decide that Pax will be commander pro-tem.  The team leaves Leniss and arrives in Skulduskoon without incident.   At Doe Kang’s, Wendy has no changes to the mission but advises the team that Pearl of Pelor has been sighted in the area of operation.  Wendy also informs Pax that she has arranged the option of barge transport up the lake’s shore and Pax wisely accepts Wendy’s offer, avoiding potentially distracting encounters along the road.
About three quarters of the way to the fishing village, the barge master sights a large ship anchored in the shallows and Pax directs the barge be pulled alongside.  After quietly boarding the ship and spying on the few crew members below deck by peering through a grating, the team concludes that they’ve stumbled aboard some sort of transport ship, possibly a slaver or troop transport.  Although the crewmen they can see appear human, Pax sights a number of fur capes that are too large to fit most large men.  While slowly returning to the barge, Raistlin stumbles into the rail and alerts the crew who rush topside, but not quite in time to prevent the team from returning (or falling back onto) the barge and making their escape.

A bit further down the shore, the barge master has the team disembark and the barge returns east toward the city.  The barge is barely out of view when Pax discovers what appears to be a battlefield in front of a small village.  There are four very large half orcs milling about who immediately attack.  Nad and Thrain are able to meet the two on rushing axemen head on before they can chop down Raistlin and Pax.  Pax exchanges a few shots with the distant archers and then supports the team’s defenders in reducing the threat from the axe orcs.  Although the orcs are determined, Team Manticore stubbornly prevails and downs three of the orcs with the survivor fleeing.  A search of the bodies in the area, both half orc and human, reveal two large groups left this area and one lone person left, all on foot.  Two of the human bodies also have a tattoo appearing to be a sword through a sun.  Vidia, who had been serving as the team’s rear security, returns to the main body of the team as they continue west toward the Gul-Tar village, and Pax can then leave to search for any signs of the orcs.  

The team is in sight of Mal-Tar village and Nad see a large number of bodies and a number of very large turkey sized birds with deer heads picking over the remains.  Approaching closer angers the beasts who attack the team with a fury.  Vidia and Raistin manage a steady stream of arrows and blasts of power while Thrain ties up the largest of the beasts.   Seeing what looks like a tasty meal, the other large male tries to take off with Thrain.  Raistin manages to break the grab and as the beast hadn’t gained much altitude, Thrain was not too much worse for wear especially since Vidia threw Pixie dust on him that allowed him to fly down to the ground instead of falling.  Having scouted the area, Pax tracks back to the team and hurries as she joins the combat and advances firing on the beasts.  A wounded beast flies off, and a fresh beast joins in the hunt.  However, SF Manticore proves more resilient and soon all the beasts are either down or have flown off.  Nad thinks that there aren’t enough bodies to account for all the villagers, Raistin notes that some of the bodies have rebel arrows in their backs, while Pax finds a couple of rebel rank insignia on the ground.  Vidia notes the dead have spear wounds in their chests and Thrain discovers the men in rebel dress aren’t wearing the regulation rebel boots.   After checking for survivors, the team continues up the shoreline toward the next village. Slightly saddened by the dead villagers, the team continues on their mission.

The team thinks they are nearly at the fishing village when an odd man wearing about ten hats runs out into view.  He yells the challenge and the team holds their fire just in time to see the flaming, flying angel chasing the hat man.  Seeing the team, the angel diverts its attention to the Paladin who discovers that fire and radiant damage do not affect angels as much as undead.  A couple of quick passes past the Paladin and one past the dwarf and the angel heads out over the lake chased by the pixie and ranger’s arrows.  The angel threatens to blast the area and the party scatters. Once the angel is long gone, Hulio confirms he is a rebel scout.  His mission is to observe and report on local troop movements.  

Not long after, smoke is sighted coming from a nearby hill and Pax sends Vidia to recon ahead.  When Vida returns, she reports a small defensible hill with nearly two dozen half orcs.  One section is cooking a meal while a second section stands perimeter watch.  A third and forth section are cutting large bundles of grass.  They seem to be preparing for an attack and the rallying words of the biggest, ugliest one, confirm that the assault will be imminent.  After conferring with the entire team, and Hulio the Hat man, it’s decided that the villagers won’t leave the village but will defend it in place and likely lose to the better armed, bigger, and more numerous, orcs.  Hulio advises the team that there are two nearby chock points, a gully and a bridge.  The team decides if they can inflict enough damage upon the raiders at the bridge, they’ll blunt the attack on the village.   Hulio leaves to warn the villagers and the team arrives at the bridge a few minutes before the raiders get there.  

Instead of two dozen raiders, Strike Force Manticore is met by nearly three dozen raiders as Vidia could not have known that two additional orc sections were serving as rear guard security.   While Thrain and Nad, along with Nad’s horse hold the middle of the bridge, Raistin backs them up and Pax is on the right flank and Vidia on the left.  The orc archers unleash a hail of arrows while the spearmen charge.  Raistin unleashes the true power of Ioun, downing a number of the enemy in the initial blast.  Thrain and Nad blunt the initial charge, each downing an enemy with Thrain heavily engaged with the leader.  Vidia, Pax and Raistin combine their attacks and down the enemy shaman.  Pax is in rare form and downs orcs nearly as fast as they charge across the bridge.  The avenging sword of Iuon slashes orcs as Raistin moves it from one end of the orc line to the other.   The fight on the bridge deck is fierce and orcs start to leak through.  It is only by the narrowest of margins that SF Manticore prevails and the few remaining orcs flee.   After tending to the collapsed team members, and scanning for any orc reinforcements, the team spots Hulio and a trio of the braver villagers who then escort the team back to Gul-Tar village.

End of Part I – to be continued.

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You missed the part where Vidia threw pixie dust to allow Nad to fly when he was pulled away from the Peryton.

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Oh yeah, that was one of the best parts of the adventure too! I must have had the memory loss dust tossed on me...

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Yeah, I don't want to imagine what would have happened without the pixie dust. If I recall, I was pretty low on HP at the time. (I may need to pick toughness for my next feat).

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pretty good! although Raistlin would like to politely correct you as the the spelling of Ioun's name.
The dwarf who calls himself a worshiper of Ioun should endeavor to learn more about Ioun to better honor her name.

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6 Paks says, "Stir your stumps Dwarf!" on Tue May 12, 2015 10:53 pm

Also, "my score is higher than yours... come train with Gird and you will be able to keep up"

"Well done all, even the Dwarf..."

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