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D&D character builder and usefull stuff for the players

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I was wondering where I could find a character builder like Mr. teramotos and if there other useful programs for playing the game.

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Actually Stu's Character Builder is really out of date, and has a lot of wrong information.  
The updated version is here:
However, it's not free.  You need a subscription to DnD Insider which you can get here:

A few of us have a subscription that we share with usually one or two other people. Although useful for the Character Builder it's also extremely helpful for DM's.  It includes a Compendium with all things DnD, including all official monsters, Player classes and Items as well as rituals for 4th Edition. It even comes with access to online "Dungeon" and "Dragon" magazines for fun reading.

I would recommend one of you getting a subscription and splitting the cost between all of you, and sharing the password/accounts.  As long as you only each have 1 or 2 characters it would work for all of you (I think there is a cap of how any PC's you can have of about 20) on one account. Only bad thing is only one person at a time can be in the Character Builder.

Another tool many of us use is the iplay4e online program. It's free, but you need to use it in conjunction with the DnD Character Builder I mentioned above.  It's really useful though and calculates all of your to hit and damage info for you, and you can even roll the dice.  You can use it on smart phones, computers or tablets.  You use a google account to sign in, and you can find that here:

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okay I am already subscribed to DnD insider

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