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WAR! I Need A Break Mission - Surges Remaining - DM Comments

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Post here how many surges you have left after healing up after the bridge battle. I'll insert my comments later..

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Thrain took more than 250 hit points of damage last adventure!!! So, he has no (0) surges left.

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Vidia has 5 out of 6.

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Raistlin is at 40HP and 0 surges. However he dose posses a potion of recovery that grants your surge value plus 10HP without using a surge so he has limited healing.

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Just posted the recap for Part 1 and reviewed my notes. Thought Pax did a great job avoiding encounters that would not have furthered the mission and only used up party resources. Taking the barge instead of the road saved unneeded encounters as did not fighting the crew of the ship (they were pretty tough with two 8th Level Fighters and a 9th Level Leader (the guy w the whip).

The four orc scouts serving as rear guard were quite a bit more difficult than intended only because the party divided their attacks almost as evenly as possible, making sure the orcs could keep attacking as long as possible before falling; haha.

I liked the Perytons, two sizes with two different sets of stats and I especially liked how the group figured out the clues as to what the orcs were really up to. Awe, too bad I didn't get to carry anyone up to 100 feet and drop them! I also liked the "Cap Man" and the slight confusion regarding if the angel was "good" or not.

The battle at the bridge was "EPIC"!! I think I could have safely tossed in 10 more minions and the party would have still turned them back. Good play by all here, the two Defenders holding the line and the ranged characters were all really in their prime. Good strategic move to take out the Shaman first, even though he didn't have any long range area attacks; but the team could not have known that. The Shaman's primary purpose was to keep healing the tougher orcs so that they could push a break through on the bridge.

All in all, it's clear that the players are playing their respective characters much more effectively as individuals and overall team work is also improving. I'd be interested to hear any feedback, good or bad on the mission so far, individual encounters, or general team work of the group or things the DM can be doing to further enhance the game...

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I personally thought this adventure was the most interesting, so far. I liked how we were sent on one mission, but then got interrupted by other interesting storylines. Like, what's up with the slave trade? That's something I'd like to find out more about at some point. And suddenly we were in the midst of an orc invasion. That was cool!!! And yes, that final battle was epic. I was scared, but we made it. Good play by all. Arthur, that flying sword was pretty amazing!

I'm a bit nervous about the next adventure, being as I have no surges left, and we all know everyone likes to eat the dwarf first. I guess I will have to play a bit smarter. Not sure how many encounters I can survive without getting my surges back.

(Also, I can't wait till we get to level up again. I'd like to tweet my character just a bit at the next level up.)

Oh, and of course, it was totally awesome having my friend Dan Tapia there. It felt like a Palading was a pretty good addition to the team. Able to take damage, give damage, as well as heal.

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Yeah the healing from the paladin was super helpful.
Paks the ranger has 46HP and 3 surges left. she also has a potion of fortitude that will give 15 temporary HP

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8 great night on Tue May 12, 2015 10:47 pm

I thought things went perfectly, tough bridge fight.

Nice to see Dan T wish the other fellows could have made it....

Great place great DM, I like how you keep the flow moving.

Good times thanks...


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Nad the paladin has 31HP and 7 surges left. (from the other thread)

Okay, SF Manticore rallies in the village and rests for five hours. A couple of orc scouts are sighted in the distance, but nothing more than that. After being fed an excellent meal of fried trout, fresh spiced vegetables baked in a dutch oven, and homemade wheat rolls, with ample amounts of ale and wine to wash it all down, by the villagers, some of the team even manages to get in a short nap.

Thain and Raistlin regain three surges each, Pax regains two surges and Nad regains one surge. Vidia is standing watch much of the time and does not regain a surge, but she feels really good. Everyone's Action Points is reset to One.

I'm actually coming down with a cold, and will have to play it a bit by ear on when we can continue with Part 2.

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Oh, No Daily Powers and No Daily Magic Item Powers are regained. If you've used a Daily, it's not available for Part 2.

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thanks for the great adventure!

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