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WAR! Pre-Mission Briefing - The I Need A Break Mission

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After delivering the captured Royalist shipment to the unit Quartermaster, Strike Force Manticore is completing training while performing routine garrison duties in the City of Leniss. Cagvree summons Thrain and Pax to his temporary office in a warehouse where the Battalion has set up HQ.

“Chiefs, consider this your warning order. We’ve become aware of a situation and your team may be activated to address it. For many years we’ve had an operative within the City of Tethir, monitoring the communications of several key and powerful merchants loyal to the Royalist cause. Due to the deteriorating alliances among the Royalists’ ranks, two of the more powerful merchants fled Tethir and made their way to Sulduskoon in the hopes of gaining passage aboard an ocean going ship heading to Tyr Amar or Cassandra. Our operative, code name “KitKat”, followed them and inadvertently fell into Royalist’s hands due to circumstances completely unrelated to her primary mission of watching the merchants. We’re fairly certain that the Royalists do not know how important a person they have.
Now, since we’re fairly certain where KitKat is being held, normally, we’d just send word to the nearest active company to execute a rescue mission. However, the outpost where KitKat is being held is only loosely associated with the Royalists. It is under the control of Baron Baltic and we are reluctant to send a large uniformed force through his domain to assault one of his holdings when we’re trying to improve our relations with him. Further, the outpost is situated such that any force larger than a few men would be easily spotted approaching the outpost and the Baron would surely send reinforcements from his nearby manor to support the outpost and with more than 140 men under arms, the Baron has the resources to deal with most threats to his territory .
As a further complication, the Baron has a loose alliance with Ebony, a black dragon that has become disenchanted with the Royalist cause. In exchange for patrolling the Baron’s lands at night, the Baron pays Ebony tribute, and the Baron’s men watch the approaches to Ebony’s lair during the day. A night attack on the outpost is clearly out of the question unless your team wishes to go sword to claw with Ebony the Terrible.

The mission will be to make your way to Sulduskoon. Check in with Wendy at Doe Kang’s Bar for any mission updates once in the city. Then make your way during daylight, up the western coast of Lake Mir. When you get to the small fishing village of Gul-Tar, head west toward the coastal forest and you’ll see the Baron’s estate to the north. Head south and after a mile or so, you’ll see a low hill with two large trees on it, that is where the outpost is located. Be advised that there will be a double sized allied team operating in the immediate area; theirs is a supporting mission. There will also be a small number of allied operatives in the mission area. There are no known Royalist units active in the area, but agents of the House of Swords have been spotted in the area. Your primary mission will be to gain access to the outpost, find and rescue KitKat. Do not needlessly reveal the nature of your mission or your true affiliations to the Baron or his men. If you are caught or killed, the Section Leader will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
Complete your portion of the mission but cause the least collateral damage to the Baron’s holdings. Also, anything you can do to mitigate raising the ire of the Baron is desired, as is taking actions that might increase our goodwill with him. The challenge for this mission is “Coco” and the password is “Blue Rose”, the trouble password is “Lake Front”. Send a representative to draw equipment from the Quarter Master, ready your team for immediate departure and stand by for your activation order. When you have secured KitKat, deliver her to Captain Pike or his authorized delegate at Doe Kang’s and they will handle extraction. After the hand off, go to the HighTown Inn, check in and wait to be contacted. Good luck, make us proud. “

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