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WAR! TKD DM's Comments, The Secret Supply Mission

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Knew we were starting late, so designed the adventure short, but still had to cut out a few encounters near the end. Should have also compensated for six players, still, that allowed for a 3 and 3 split when performing perimeter security and I think the party needed that. 2 and 2 would have been too thin.

As the party advances levels further in the series, I think selecting Powers and Feats that allow easier access to healing surges or give temporary hit points or provides resistance of some kind are going to be relatively more important due to a lack of the "Leader/ Healer" role. Thrain seems to be the PC best suited so far to being able to access surges and he's the Defender! :-)

I had fun writing this one, and the party did throw a couple of curve balls at me - that always makes it interesting. Any comments or feedback by the players is welcome!

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2 secret supply on Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:30 pm

great game sorry had to leave early still trying to get the hang of 4th ed

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