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WAR - TKD the He Said She Said Mission 27 March - DMs Comments

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A spur of the moment adventure with just three players, but I think the night was still very much enjoyable. The trio clearly missed the presence of a melee Striker or a melee Defender as all three members, especially Raistlin took quite a bit more damage than they should have. It would not have surprised me if Arthur would have had to make a new PC due to Raistlin dying last Friday... may want to move further away from the monsters or behind cover at every opportunity rather than letting sword wielding foes charge up and cut you down or standing in the open and letting enemy archers target you. Rolling Eyes

I think Pax has learned that ideally he always wants an empty square directly to his rear when facing an enemy so he has somewhere to shift to and then shoot. Moving next to walls, large trees, and other barriers might provide cover, but also prevent you from eluding adjacent foes.

Pax and Raistlin may have also learned that for future powers, an interrupt that can be used during the monster's turn can be very handy to have. Let me know what you thought about the little session good and bad...

...and onto the next mission. . . Twisted Evil

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