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20150320 Recap WAR! Cry Havoc Once Again!

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1 20150320 Recap WAR! Cry Havoc Once Again! on Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:58 pm

Here's the recap of the first TKD mission... the "Cry Havoc" Mission.

After nearly a decade of bloody civil war, the Rebel forces seem to have gained a significant and lasting upper hand. The field armies of the Royalists are largely defeated but scattered units and areas of resistance remain. Many rebel veterans scared from years in the field, have been discharged to return home however, select units remain to bring a conclusion to this chapter of Grong Island’s evolution. The Leniss 10th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 1st Company, 1st Platoon, was tasked with the security of a food shipment to the coastal village of Hayden, named after the famous rebel fighter. Members of the 3rd Squad included: Pax (Elven Ranger – Art), Twinkle Toes (Goliath Barbarian – Jim), Belladona Foxglove ( Seeker - Brad), Raistlin (Invoker – Arthur), and Thrain Soflaug (Dwarf Fighter – Dan).

The caravan had not gotten far when it was set upon by Royalist bandits. After taking heaving casualties, the men and women of 1st Platoon drove the bandits off with first squad in pursuit. The remainder of third squad decides to scout ahead, making sure there are no further ambushes. Not too far out of sight of the wagons, Pax sights a downed man in the bushes and is attacked by a large constrictor snake. The team discovers that they’ve stumbled into a nest of snakes as no fewer than six snakes, including two very large snakes, snap and hiss at the party. Thrain distinguishes himself, after being fired up by being attacked by what he considers “bandits” he takes out his fury on the snakes, downing no fewer than half of them single handedly. His axe seems to be the perfect weapon and his stout constitution granting him resistance to any potential poison. The battle is a straight forward affair with the snakes attacking or backing off when badly wounded.

After driving off the snakes, the team of scouts ventures further toward the caravan’s destination and is set upon by a pack of dire wolves. Again Thrain is in the thick of the battle with Mr. T beside him. Pax’s arrows seem to be much more effective against fur than against scales as his storm of arrows repeatedly find the mark. By spell, axe, and arrow it is not long before all the wolves are down or fleeing.

Shortly afterwards, the team meets what appears to be a band of mercenaries, led by the renown swordsman, Spurr. Never one to back down from a challenge, Mr. T. decided to test his prowess and after a titanic battle, compelled the famous swordsman to yield. Many songs will be sung in the days ahead of the mighty barbarian who bested a legend!

Not long after besting Spurr, the party is set upon by a pair of manticora, hurling tail spikes from above. The party now realizes that they have limited ranged attack capability as the evil monstrosities cruise well out of melee range. Belledonna and Raistlin manage to pull one of the creatures down from the sky enough that the party’s closer ranged combatants can rush in and finish off the beasty. Seeing this, the remaining manticora roars, hurls a few more spikes and flies off.

Approaching a hilly area, Pax spots and is attacked by a pair of Royalist horsemen. Initially the horsemen keep at a distance, attacking with bows, but seeing an opportunity to strike at the lightly armored seeker and invoker, one of the Royalists nearly overruns Belledonna and knocks Raistlin into the mud. Belledonna enspells the scout’s horse and knocks the rider off. The dismounted rider is immediately set upon by Mr. T. When the unfortunate Royalist’s cohort rides in to help, he is met by Thrain’s axe and a few near misses from Pax’s bow. Again the mystic powers of Belledonna and Raistlin too, hinder the Royalists from escaping. Exhausted and trapped, the Royalists yield. Upon interrogation, the horsemen tell the party that they are the advance force for an entire platoon of Royalists encamped nearby.

The party sends Raistlin back to warn the caravan and Pax scouts ahead to locate the enemy force. After a short while they find the encampment with two fully armed and ready squads of veteran troops, with a female scout, an armored officer and a priest of Pelor. Pax returns and reports to the remaining team members. After much discussion, the party lets the Royalists move off to rejoin with some additional Royalists forces.

After making sure the caravan makes it past the area where the Royalists were, the little team of heroes moves out front again and side tracks to a ruined altar of Ioun. A search reveals some graves and upon opening a secret compartment, the group is attacked by the spiritual guardians of the altar. Thrain and Raistlin seem to be shielded by divine power while in the altar area and if it wasn’t for the hungry manticora flying by, the party would have made quick work of the ghosts. Several team members were hard pressed at different times during the fight but due to great tactical movement, timely use of extra effort (action points and daily powers), the group cooperated well and banished all the undead and slayed the manticora as it fled. The group managed to disable a flame trap and recover a set of old books.

Linking back up with the caravan, the whole unit makes it to the village of Hayden. After a debriefing, Pax is promoted to Chief, and Thrain is promoted to Section Chief. Belladonna is also recognized for her contribution to the success of the mission and is awarded a Ribbon of Honor.

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