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Buffyverse Residuum

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1Buffyverse Residuum  Empty Buffyverse Residuum on Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:59 pm

How much residuum\money do we have as a group now that Wolfram and Hart was blown up? The treasure vault was intact so how much could we salvage out of it?

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2Buffyverse Residuum  Empty Re: Buffyverse Residuum on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:50 am

As everything recently got nuked (literally), anything you wouldn't normally carry on you, gold pieces, et al is destroyed, as well as the entire surface of the city. However,...

Since you've all been wealthy department heads for (the formerly evil) WR&H, I'll say each Slayer is used to flaunting cash, and had $5,000 in bills on them, except Kennaday, who because of her silver spoon upbringing is more used to carrying $25,000 cash on her. (But there are no stores left in Los Diablos to spend it...)

From the WR&H vault, the Slayers managed to salvage the Coin/Top/Hook teleporting artifact, and $12M value in gold pieces (in gems, etc, spendable in the magical world), and $3M in residuum.

Note: There are 12 Zodiac Slayers (PC characters) that this gold and residuum belong to, and they each were visited by the Goddess Gaea too... (ie, also survived the mushroom cloud)

Also note: The living, mundane world, only uses dollars for transactions. Vampires, and the magical world, only uses gold, gems, et al for transactions. Any request for magic item creation is 'Bring Your Own Residuum', as the current only item creators you know, (Ember & Mr Gold), don't have residuum reserves to sell from.

Full recap coming soon. Likely mid next week...

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