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20140124_Recap_WAR! The Final Mission

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1 20140124_Recap_WAR! The Final Mission on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:27 pm

From their last mission, SF Black discovered several Royalist factions fighting with each other. After SF Black enabled the main rebel army to enter the key port City of Zazesspur, many of the newly freed slaves took up arms against the fewer and fewer remaining Royalists. The Royalists knowing they’ve lost, Prince Banneerk, heir to the Royalist throne, tries to flee the islands and establish a government in exile, to seek new allies, and rally and rebuild the Royalist Navy and renew the war.

SF Black chooses to guard a small Pelor temple, inland and high in the Carpathian Mountains which is one of the three potential locations the Price will escape the islands from.  The team is Plane Shifted in, near the temple. Cedarick (Ross - Shaman) the venerable leader is in charge, Hayden (Gnome - Brad), Walster (Warden - Ibuki), Akiro (Swd Mage - Mick), and a trio of newcomers, Kellen (Druid - Chris), Ranger (Ranger - Don) and Nero (Battlemind - Ken), round out the team.

Right away, there is a minor glitch as the Plane Shift doesn’t quite work, dumping the team on an hot plane of fire with two very large fire breathing lizards.  Through evasion, and narrow escapes, the team avoids being crushed in the clamping jaws of the lizards and getting incinerated (lots of damage!).  The team takes down the first lizard and Hayden manages to finish off the second.

The supporting wizard manages to get the team to the mountain trail near the temple and the team is attacked by a number of Orcus undead.   Hayden, thinking he can avoid the undead, chooses a high post and is surprised by several that come out of the cliff side.  The heavy knight type undead are taken down in a slugging match, while the phantoms are more of a running battle of archery and magic.  Walster is hurtled over the cliff and nearly dies, but shakes it off and is about to start climbing back up, but Cedarick knocks a Dreadnought off the cliff and a dramatic one on one fight ensues.  After all the Dreadnoughts are down, the remaining two phantoms flee.  The team finds signs of a battle where a group of these undead fought and downed an entire squad of Pelor Elite Archers with the loss of one Dreadnought.  

A bit further up the trail, the team suddenly confronted by about a half dozen fleeing rebel holibars (light horse scouts).   After passing through the team’s lines, a reinforced squad of Pelor spearmen, backed by a half dozen Elite Archers assaults.  Since the archers are high on a trail, they are out of range of most of the party’s melee weapons.  Although Cederick instructs the team to spread out, several members clump together and are repeatedly dazed by the archers’ solar blasts.  (haha, thought Mick might be dazed half the encounter!)   Using fancy swordsman-ship and a few blasts of magic, almost all the spearmen are quickly taken down.  A running fight with the archers occurs and after it is evident that they cannot defeat the elite members of SF Black, the remaining archers flee.

The rebel scouts are de-briefed and sent back down the mountain, but one quickly returns reporting to Cedarick that a very large Orcus force is heading up the trail.  There are no less than a squad of Dreadnoughts, a half dozen Wraiths, led by a High Priest.  After sending Kellen and Hayden to scout the Royalist position at the Temple which is not too far ahead, the team very strategically allows the Orcus to pass by and assault the Royalists.  When the undead are fleeing, SF Black makes it’s move and assaults the surviving Royalists, consisting of four Elite archers, about a squad of swordsmen, and Falzool (Senior Merchant - House of Swords and a Wizard), Tantonee Saber (House of Swords), and Lo-Kag Paladin of Bane, and Arain (also of Bane) and of course Prince Banneerk and Princess Zia.  

Although Sulphur the dragon circled nearby, when he witnessed the dual attacks upon the Royalist forces and got tangled up with the flying undead, the wounded Sulphur decided to leave the petty Prince to his fate rather than risk fighting the Elite rebel team.  A tight and pitched battle ensues, with pursuit of the non-combatant Princess, worry about the dragon, and dodging the dazing effects of the Elite archers.  The battle turned when Lo-Kag finally fell, Tantonee fled early, not really caring too much for her Royalist allies.  Falzool, Arain, the Prince and Princess are taken prisoner and the scattered remaining Royalists flee and end up being harassed by rebel light forces.

With Prince Banneerk captured, hopes of continuing Royalist resistance are dashed.  The WAR, may finally be over.

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2 Re: 20140124_Recap_WAR! The Final Mission on Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:42 pm

Okay, posted the update... I'd appreciate any feedback on the encounters, or just the usual smart remarks and such! Haha... I liked the terrain effects and the pacing of the adventure, only got slow a bit after the first Pelor encounter (fleeing horsemen) and before the Orcus attack on the Temple.

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