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20130524_Recap: Missing Helm (so couldn't cancel the "Theft" Event)

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Woldstren (Bugbear Ranger, Chris), Arcamedies (Artificer, Stuart), Flint (Fighter, Trevor), Camella Ann (Bard Captain, Brad), and Tordek (Fighter, Jeff)

were in port on the Drudge with everyone either amidship or forward when a number of giant stealthy gorilla like creatures boarded the ship and stole the Helm. We all rushed back to stop them but they tossed the helm over the side and three of the four we saw escaped and we captured the forth but because he didn't speak a vocal language, we couldn't question him.

Through a lot of spells and information gathering in the port, the officers of the Drudge determined that the Gunk (the giants) were probably going to use the helm on a wrecked ship that they had repaired. There were several such sunken ships out near the site of a large battle so after getting water breathing, we ventured to the site. Leaving a few officers to guard the prisoner, we swam down and boarded what we thought was a candidate ship.

It turned out that it was inhabited by some fungus like creatures and as good fortune would have it, we avoided a fight, letting them retain a few of our magic items in exchange for information on where the Gunk probably were.

Lead by a guide Yith, we proceeded to the first Gunk ship and were attacked by some Gunk guards, confirming that we might be on the right path. After dispatching the guards we ventured on.

Came to a larger area and were asailed by a huge Carrion Crawler. After boosting the Ranger and the Dwarf, Arcamdies got a couple blows in and was then stunned for a while. Boosting the Ranger however was key in downing the worm pretty quickly, allowing the officers of the Drudge to spread out and attack the Gunk and thier allies, one of which was firing spells and rays at us.

After an exciting battle, the crew of the Drudge prevailed and bartered with the captive Mind Flayer who was powering our stolen Helm. We let him live and he didn't crash the ship as he took us back to port. We returned our guide, retrieved our magic items, searched the captured ship and found 1,000,000 GP, and then reinstalled the Helm back on the Drudge. I think we're searching for a portal next...

Sail On!

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sorry for the abbreviated recap, feel free to add to it. I had fun! Thanks Ross! I thought in the second and third fighting encounters, although we didn't plan it, we did work pretty well, downing one monster at a time basically. We concentrated firepower and used AP's and dailies pretty effectively. Being stunned hurt me, but I thought it was much more vital to have Ranger keep dishing out the damage; pretty sure I made the right decision as I was out of nearly all my decent powers by then, pretty much down to At Wills for attacking.

Though our "Captain" was pretty did we pick her for Captain?

Also, we had a pretty balanced party, I think just the right mix. I think we were short on manuverability (e.g. no one could teleport) and we were short on longer ranged and area attacks (good that we didn't meet a lot of minions). I liked the Brad/ Ranger shift and attack thing... what did the rest of you think?

Oh, and it was really great to see you (Trevor) looking so good! You're a new man now we're so glad.

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Camella Ann can teleport but only herself and only once. She's not too keen to teleport behind enemy lines alone unless disguised...

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She's not sure if it's her bardic training or pent up release from being a captured gladiator/slave for 12 years, but one thing is for sure... the young Changling Captain loves a wild party as much as she loves the cheers of adoring fans. Well, almost. But she does love a party and the dual excuse of a pirate's bounty of treasure, and a grand celebration honoring the indoctrination of Arcemedes as first officer of the newly rechristened pirate ship, the Payback. With almost 200kgp as her share of the recent take, Camella Ann catered a feast for the entire crew and many townsfolk including plenty of food, ale, entertainment, music, 'dancing' girls, etc. She'll tip very generously (at least 10gp each) and pay everyone in advance so everyone is in a festive mood for the first officer ceremony party.

We'll get our new first officer to say a few words in a bit, and many of you might have visited the 'gug' monstrosity we have caged below in our hull, but let me share what that has to do with the 10'x10' hole on our ship and recent bounty... Take a good look at our captive and see some of the scurge army here to conquer this system. These beasts and worse are what the Pirates of Payback are fighting to protect your home worlds. These incredibly stealthy beasts snuck aboard this ship, ripped our helm right from the deck of the ship, and threw it overboard to waiting allies in all but a couple seconds before fleeing overboard. But a few seconds is all this crew, trained in combat by the greatest gladiator trainer in the galaxy, captain Magra, needed to badly wound one and down another of the 4 monstrous thieves. Steal from this ship and you learn why they say "Payback's a bitch!"...

With the cunning and resources of the officers, an away team of we not only added to the local community economy, but several magic rituals for the ship to both help us in the future and locate and payback the thieves. That plus invaluable aid and information from the townsfolk, of course...

Checking out battle sites between locals in scurge invaders, we came across odd Fungus like creatures who through my parley skills learned also hated our thieves and worked out an alliance. We lent them some of our magics, they lent us one of them as a guide, with the understanding that both parties get back what they contributed and we rid ourselves of a mutual enemy. They actually had never heard of Camella Ann or the Payback before, and I thought, "What, are you from another dimension? Dancer, gladiator, wanted pirate captain"... Turned out they were. They turned out to be an honorable, though devious species as best I can tell. Either way, parley avoided a tough battle, as their officers had powerful magic and they numbered 3 dozen or more...

With our Mushroom man guide, we barely found the gug ship just as it was about to take off again from the sea floor. We needed to defeat a half dozen more of the beasts to board the enemy ship and take back our spelljammer helm. We made fast time of their security, hitting hard and fast. My songs and Arcemedes' salves healed us up before we stormed the bridge, needing to proceed cautiously since we were already in flight.

With most of us having saved our biggest magic for this battle, we were able to unload a world of hurt on our enemies, and good thing too, as they had a gargantuan Carrion Crawler gaurding the way with spellcasters and archers firing from behind. Nothing can stand toe to toe long when the gladiator trained crew focuses fire on an enemy, and the gargantuan worm was no exception, and the battle quickly shifted after that. The Bugbear ranger Woldstrem & I recently worked out a viscious combo... Years of training together paying off.

Some things these last couple days has shown... The officer for officer this crew of the Payback is stronger than this scurge army, and we have the magics to stop their interdimensional invasion. Couple that with the promise of vast treasure within their hulls, and the cunning of our new first officer for battle strategies to successfully attack them, and we will be showered with fame and fortune as we lead the fight for freedom against the scurge! We are Lions, and our deeds will echo in eternity!

Anyway, enjoy the feast and entertainment of the party, congratulate Arcemedes on becoming first officer, and as soon as repairs and upgrades are finished, we sail to save the galaxy, so crew: party like you're heroes! Townsfolk: send off your champions as the heroes they are! Tonight we party! :-)

Camella Ann will don many different faces during the rest of the party...

To Arcemedes: first assignment (after intro speech to crew tonight) is to oversee reconstruction of the ship, since the hole in the floor is also the roof of your new first officer quarters. I suggest some sort of metal cage to house the spelljammer helm, so it can't be ripped out and stolen like that again...

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I must say, your recap was a bit more colorful than mine. Laughing

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