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1 Unconscious on Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:05 pm

Pg 229 of the RC

Unconscious - The creature is; helpless, can't take actions, takes a -5 to all defenses, is unaware of its surroundings, falls prone if possible, and can't flank.

** Note, the creature DOES NOT grant combat advantage. The reason for this is because an Unconscious creature normally is ALSO prone. See also RC pg 231, for helpless "...also usually prone and unconscious."

For a creature to be helpless, it does not have to be unconscious as the RAW clearly say that if a creature is so firmly bound, it may be ruled as helpless by the DM. Also, an unconscious creature only falls prone if it is able. So, a creature does not have to be unconscious, and prone at the same time (but they usually are). Thus, if a creature is unconscious, all of its defenses are at -5 AND if the creature is prone, it grants Combat Advantage so melee attackers (only) receive a +2 to hit. Note, prone creatures do not grant Combat Advantage to ranged attacks but receive a +2 bonus against ranged attacks.

Bottom line, an unconscious creature that is also prone, would have a -5 to all its defenses and grant Combat Advantage to a melee attacker or an effective +7 for a melee attacker to hit.


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2 Re: Unconscious on Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:11 am

I've only been using the -5 to defenses, wasn't sure about the +2 toHit for combat advantage.

RAW it looks like a melee attacker would have +7 to hit them. Very nasty effect...

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