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Slave Ship Adventure - Level 13 - The Witch

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1 Slave Ship Adventure - Level 13 - The Witch on Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:50 pm


Desperate to be with her beloved Captain again, Camella Ann searches for a way to rescue him. Treena Ro'jah, Arcamedies' Githyanki girlfriend, says she knows of a man named Ronald Felson who has escaped the Rock of Bral a few years ago, and is on the planet Salem. Nobody knows how he was able to break out, but she’s sure he could be persuaded to tell you.

So the Drudge flies off to Salem. On the way you hear of many more incidents of planets being besieged by the aberrations of Azathoth. Your ship lands in the sea and sails to the small city of Smyrna.

Once docked you depart to search for Felson at the local Church, which is the main government of Smyrna. Throughout the city you notice many buildings damaged and burned, from what looks like spell combat. When you arrive at the church you see two bodies tied to stakes, still smoking and burned beyond recognition. A crying young woman, probably around 18-years of age, is locked in a Pillory (Stocks) being guarded by a half dozen armed soldiers. A Priest is standing beside her patting her back as if to reassure her.

You move past the spectacle and head into the church, and meet with the Cardinal. Treena asks about Ronald Felson, and discovers that he at an Monastery a week away, through snowy mountains and underground caverns. He has gone there as repentance of his sins. Fortune smiles on you when you discover there is a small caravan, escorting a suspected Witch, to find out if she is guilty of being an evil enchantress. They offer to lead you to the Monastery if you agree to act as guards.

The Cardinal explain to you that they had a Cleric who was able to cast a ritual to identify witches. He used the spell on two others, but once identified they used dark magic to suck him into some Hellish portal. They were then killed by the guards and burned at the stake.

Anna, the accused woman, in the Pillory outside, was friends with the two Witches so she is highly suspect. However, she is the niece of one of the Priests, so they want to be sure before any rash actions are taken. Monks at the Monastery are able to cast the ritual that can identify Anna as a Witch or find her innocent.

I'm going to assume the party is going to act as guards on the caravan, but in the meantime does anyone have any questions or actions they want to take.

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