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The Ring of Omara

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1 The Ring of Omara on Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:55 pm

"Yes! The Slayers did t! They defeated both Wolfram & Hart's defenses (with my help) and Mithra the ancient Worm to bring me the Ring of Omara! All debts are paid from the movie pimp for bringing them to me. Unfortunately Mithra still lives, but oh well. One more reason my kind won't be traveling to the Underdark yet...

After quite some time trying to figure out the coin & top artifact the Slayers stole from Wolfram & Hart, <No one had arcana trained> Snape, Lucius, Kenneday, & <Kobe's PC> eventually discovered the artifact only works in direct natural sunlight. A portal opened up of bright, radiant energy which they all went through. I watched the artifacts for them until Aya joined them later. <Ken was delayed>

I also watched the Slayers with scrying magic while they sought my ring and treasure. Who would have guessed they could even get this far with the coin & top already? The portal teleported the Prophesied Ones roughly 300 miles below Los Diables into the Underdark. The Slayers found themselves in a small, 10'x10' spherical metal room with 4 nice bedrolls laid out within it, strange writing all over the room, an opening to one side, and the sounds of heavy metal chains rattling in the darkness.

Blade was first to react and unaffected by both the darkness and the stale Underdark air, and cast shadow magic dropping all 4 chained Orcs, but only to wound, before hiding again. Next Lucius enabled his Sunsword creating bright sunlight within the small metal room and earthen network of tunnels beyond it. Venturing to peer around the corner, he was struck twice with a psychic lance (2 20th Mindflayers) with 2 more around another corner. Snape ventured out of the metal sphere next and blasted the Squid-faced Humanoid, then remembering to curse the creature. :-)

Kenneday came out next and both cured the almost bloodied Lucius, but bade Snape to blast the Ilithid yet again. Stepping over the unconscious Orcs chained to the room entrance to collars around their necks, the Slayers poured out skillfully into the tunnels against the psychic creatures. Lucius was bloodied once again, but nothing Kenneday's healing couldn't handle before two were able to flee (teleporting 10/at-will).

The Slayers only subdued the other two Mind Flayers and though couldn't speak their language, Blade discovered he could think to communicate with the telepathic creatures. The Slayers discovered the Mind Flayers were an emessary from the Ilithid City and Mithra, the great Serpent. They use the portal room as a nicer place to sleep than muddy clay, long forgotten by the surface world.

The Mind Flayer battle ended just as Aya teleported through with the coin & top artifact to teleport back. While it was a day away for the Mind Flayers (the Slayers released) to their city, it was only about 300 yards to Mithra's lair, huge, with pits, small mountains, even a river & whirlpool. The ever ready Aya was able to react even as Mithra teleported, clawed Lucius and Kenneday, and teleport again in a single action, hitting the 30' long winged Snake.

The Slayers were magically prepared for the Serpent's minions, Undead Humanoids (4x 15th, 2x16th) who's necrotic claws did little damage, but occassionally blinded, immobilized the Slayers. They did distract the Slayers as Mithra (24th solo Dragon) was able to breath on 3-4 Slayers for about 40 hits and blinding, as well as a wing buffett for another 30 hits, plus then teleporting about his cave 10/at-will.

Snape thought for sure Mithra should have been able to prevent being dragged off of the little mountain, when the Serpent purposefully let himself be dragged 15' down and 30' closer to the party, taking damage. The party understood why when Aya bloodied it right after, catching 3 Slayers in range of it's bloodied breath, recharged and with enemies in range thanks to the Warlock's sliding the Dragon.

Once the Dragon's Undead minions fell, the Dragon started taking damage too fast despite dishing out massive amounts, even temporarily dropping Aya before Kenneday's healing magic brought her back. With 698 of it's 884 of it's hit's left, it used it's action points and movemment 10 to flee 30/turn. Blade regretted forgetting an opportunity to make one extra attack against the fleeing Dragon, Snape was able to teleport Aya quite a bit on his turn, allowing Aya many more attacks.

Needing only a '14'/20 to hit, she missed 8 straight attacks allowing the Dragon to get away with only low 20s in hits left (it had breath & wing buffet recharged but wisely didn't use them...)

Blade easily breaks into the safe Mithra had in his lair and found with my ring, several high (18th) items, and 350k worth of gold nuggets. The Slayers quickly grab everything, filling their bags of holdings and taxing their Slayer strength, carrying over 7,000 pounds of gold back to the metal portal room. Despite Lucius' experiment, the coin & top artifacts only work with the artificial sunlight created from the room and not sunswords et. al.

Upon arriving back, and after giving me the Ring of Omara (when I immediately can't help but go out into the sunlight), the Slayers join the rest of the Slayers via Aura's invitation to Wolfram & Hart. After the death of their Weapon Master & CEO, the other board members are turning over their company & all it's staff & resources, to the 12 Slayers. Each Slayer is all named as department heads for Wolfram & Hart and every Slayer is given a 21st level epic item.

Aura is named CEO and shown around the posh penthouse, Kenneday is head of the medical lab, Ashe science & tech, Ember magic & relics, Lucius Portals & Prisons, Blade Secrets & Law, Snape Wetworks, Aya Entertainment. WR&H also does an advertising campaign introducing their new CEO with a robot mascot making Aura & Aya fairly recognisable in public.

Everybody (except Aura) is in charge of a couple million dollar equipped floor designed for your department, fully staffed. I wonder if they'll use these new resources to fulfil the prophesy and destroy the covens? Time will tell... meanwhile, I need to go enjoy my new ring and invulnerabilities!...

-Mr Gold with the Ring of Omara

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