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Kim's TaeKwonDo 2012 Friendship Tournament

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1 Kim's TaeKwonDo 2012 Friendship Tournament on Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:14 pm this Saturday 21 July, Noon to 6 PM. Spectators welcome, Renton Community Center next to Carco Theater and Henry Moses Water Park of I-405.

Welcome Speech - Great Grand Master Kim
National Anthem
Warming up (20 min) - All
Introduction of Instructors
Academic Achievement Awards

Public Demonstrations
Sparring Adv Intermediates (my niece Kellie)
Sparring Men's Black Belts (featuring a 5 time men's Grand Champion)
Board Breaking (including my sister in law Gayle)
Weapons Demonstration (including myself and Kobe)

Team Competition (4 person teams) - Synchronized form, board break, sparring demo
Men's black belt and adv black belt sparring, forms and board breaking
Women's black belt and adv black belt sparring, forms and board breaking

Kids forms and sparring in order of youngest to oldest
Adults forms and sparring in order of belt rank, lowest to highest

Awards Ceremony

Hope to see you all there.

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Long day, just got back. Kobe - 1st Place Junior Black Belt Lt Weight Fighting, my son is the supreme defensive counter attacker who drew very, very, agressive opponents who all charged forward immediately after every point; Kobe - dodge or block the incoming kick, step forward and either land a straight punch to the ribs or a front kick to the belt or a roundhouse kick to the upper chest or head, repeat. I think I only saw two instances where Kobe got position and actually initiated an attack, both of which did score; so 10 points won on defensive counters, 2 points won on the attack.

Stuart - zero in the men's lt weight black belt division, eliminated in the first round; scored several points near the ends of both matches, but it wasn't enough. 2nd Place in men's black belt artistic forms (holy smokes, I've only placed in forms one other time, small field of only about 15 in my division which helped). 2nd place in men's black belt board breaking - had the benefit of drawing very late in the order and seeing about 10 of my opponents go first with only one guy of the 10 making his breaks on the first try (you get two attempts) and seeing the other four guys who were going after me, and recognizing them from past tournaments and knowing that only one of them was what I would consider a really serious contender. Scaled back my planned breaks, attempting only four instead of six boards with a kick and only three instead of five with a hand strike. Made the hand strike on the first try and the kick on the second try. Good enough for second, but the missed first kick costed me first. Thank you to my brother for being a great board holder for me.

Managed 3rd place in the Men's "Senior" division fighting. Actually, fought the exact same three guys my brother fought in the same division. Mike lost his first match and then had to fight the guy I had just beaten. The guy that beat Mike advanced and had to fight me. Mike then won in the loser's bracket and advanced to the match to fight for third place where he lost. The guy that beat Mike that time advanced to fight me for second place or third place as I had advanced to the finals and lost so I had to fight again to earn second and I lost to finish in third. Would have been kind of funny to fight my own brother but I knew that the judges would start us on opposite ends of the ladder.

Also, Mike - 3rd Place, Men's Brown Belt Artistic Forms. Gayle Teramoto, 1st Place Women's Brown Belt Artistic Forms, 1st Place Women's Senior Division Sparing.

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3 Re: Kim's TaeKwonDo 2012 Friendship Tournament on Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:15 pm

Oh, and for Kobe's matches, there were a lot (too many to count) of instances where the opponent would launch an attack routine, Kobe would evade, attempt a counter and miss. The opponent would then back off from the counter attack, reset and attack again. I didn't count how many points Kobe got scored on him, but it was way less than the 12 points he scored on his opponents, somewhere around 5 sounds about right.

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