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20120615_Recap_Buffyverse_Staking the Heart of Wolfram and Heart

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Recap - 20120615 – Buffyverse Staking the Heart in Wolfram and Heart

While I (Kenneday 18th Warlord) was out getting coffee at Starbucks, all of my girlfriends were hanging out at my place on an extended slumber party; Aya 18th Warforged Battlemind Daughter of Mercy (Ken), Aura 18th Elf Shaman (Trevor), and Ember 18th War Wizard (Mickey). Aura was in the shower when some sort of arcane water elemental attacked. I don’t know how she managed to survive, I mean, being without equipment and all but she held it off long enough for Ember and Aya, the new female armored slayer, to arrive and help out. Two more elementals appeared and a huge fight ensued, with the elementals down the drain, my house trashed and all my friends with a little more than a bad hair day.

When I got back home, they had left me a note that they went to some vampire’s house so I drank my coffee, drank their coffee, grabbed the keys to the BMW (since the Jeep Wrangler Modern Warfare 3 Edition was in the shop) and went after them. When I finally caught up to them, they were already fighting a swarm of undead and vampires. A lot of the vampires weren’t very good fighters and they were downing them pretty quickly. Four of the undead were putting up a better fight. It was when most of the lesser vampires were down and two of the tougher ones were still up that I arrived. About the same time, Aya stampeded across the room and concentrated on the vampire that kept trying to dominate her. As soon as the vamp would dominate Aya, I yell a set of fresh commands and snap Aya right out of it so Aya could deal three or four crushing blows to the vamp; then the vamp would dominate Aya again and I’d yell out more orders; repeat. It wasn’t too long before all the vamps were on their heels or dusted and all four of us were concentrating on the leader. Although some of the lesser vamps held myself, Aura, and Ember from getting to Aya’s side, it really didn’t matter; Aura kept giving Aya natural encouragement so Aya struck faster (e.g. Aura gave Aya an extra blow each turn), I kept spotting the openings for Aya (e.g. Kenneday gave Aya an extra blow each turn), and Ember either blasted the Vamp from across the room with fire or ice, which mostly missed, or sent a flurry of magic missiles. It wasn’t long before the leader Vamp turned to mist. (We thought we heard the gods moan in a very sad or frustrated manner when the Vamp turned to mist and the faint words “…but I didn’t use nearly all of my powers and I kept hitting the Slayers where they were strongest..” or something like that.) We searched around and found and destroyed her urn and picked up some interesting items. We decided to go back to my place and clean up.

The next day, we planned an attack on the office building of Wolfram and Heart. The copter was down for maintenance and we couldn’t find the chutes so an attack from the air was ruled out. We decided we couldn’t scale the walls w/o being spotted. After watching the place for several days and mugging a lesser demon worker to steal his identification badge, we were able to gain access and get an idea of the inside layout. Combined with posing as potential clients, and interviewing many of the service workers (e.g. cleaning crew, vending machine workers, food service workers, contract laborers, and others), we pretty much knew where all the main departments were and how tight security really was. After all this, we decided upon an infiltration type assault and for a quick escape, we’d bash out the closest window and all fly or levitate to the ground.

We were able to get into the building okay, posing as a research crew with our experimental robot (i.e. Aya). We all had fake identification badges and pretty good cover stories. Well, a few security guards must not have believed my clever cover story because as we made our way to the 11th floor on the way to the 25th, we were ambushed on the stairway by two converging squads of heavily armed guards. Ember created a portal through the center of the staircase and we all passed through, up as high as we could, close to the 25th floor. One guard was able to follow and he was quickly subdued but not before he announced our new position. Exiting the stairwell, we ran into a hallway with an attorney and a client. We quickly blew past them, appropriately turning the attorney to dust; a form of Habeus Corpus if you will. We made our way past several more guards and then up to the top floor.

After breaching the doors, we noted a trap and Aya headed straight for it and started smashing it as it shot each of us if we didn’t say the right magic word. As we were dealing with the trap, the CEO of Wolfram and Heart, a very powerful, Epic Vampire, emerged and started blasting us with magic. From the far side of the room, a Giant Lava Demon began moving toward us. Aya and I charged the Vampire and Ember and Aura retreated to the wall furthest from the Giant. The Vamp was nearly impossible to hit, but having so many blows, I think Aya was making the Vamp tired even if she didn’t land a solid strike (e.g. Ken deals 8 hits points on a miss). I attempted to create openings for Aya and give her the maximum number of swings possible.

Meanwhile, Ember and Aura created a fire sphere, a lighting ball, a little rock elemental and of course the spirit companion. The conjurations formed a tiny line across the Giant’s path but stopped him. Each time the giant attempted to squeeze by, Ember and Aura would order their companions to shift and reposition, causing the giant to expose himself to ranged attacks in exchange for advancing about 5 feet on our position. If the Giant tried to run around the line of conjurations, he would either be further away from us, or blocked by the vault room wall. It was amazing that in such a large room, three small conjurations would be able to hold back an enraged Demon Giant!

After what seemed like an eternity, Aya, swinging six times faster than any normal hero, was clearly causing the Vampire to tire (remember, we can barely hit this thing but Kenneday and Aura are giving Aya two extra swings every round and with Aya taking three or four swings of her own and doing 8 hits on a miss, we’re dishing out about 50 points a round, much more when we hit or critical). The vampire kept trying to dominate Aya, and as soon as he did, Kenneday would break the domination and then Aya would unleash a fresh set of deadly attacks. Oh Aya was a machine…(heh heh). After a very, very, long time, the CEO was a pile of ashes.

Now, all four of us could concentrate on the demon. Kenneday attempted to trade blows with the demon and found out that she wouldn’t be able to take more than ONE blow, they were so powerful (more than 60 points of damage per hit and there was almost no chance of missing). However, sending in Aya, and giving her both military orders and natural spiritual encouragement, caused the demon to slowly tire like the CEO did (e.g. get Ken to swing enough times in a round and those 8 hit points on a miss add up). Add in Embers hail of magic missiles (an additional 14 points of damage per round) and after many minutes, the Giant Demon knew he was defeated. He headed toward the windows and bashed through, letting two flying security robots in to cover his retreat. As we were battling the drones, the demon leapt out the 25th story window and flew away. As additional guards were on the way, we quickly finished the drones and started work to open the vault.

In the vault, we found and destroyed the CEO’s urn and also found a huge stash of precious metals and cash, which we quickly confiscated. Wanting to avoid another fight, we made our escape out the window also and regrouped back at my place. Now that’s what I call a Girl’s Night Out.

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Recap added...enjoy!

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