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20120504_Recap_WAR! May the Forth Be With You

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1 20120504_Recap_WAR! May the Forth Be With You on Mon May 07, 2012 11:25 pm

Commander Danlor “Guardsman, there’s a disturbance this forth, something I’ve not felt for a long time. Maybe I’m just imagining it, but I feel like an old friend has returned. Anyway, I ramble, send in Strike Force Green for their briefing.”
As the war winds down, the Rebels have taken the city of Zassepur, with the Rebels main body pushing the remnants of the Royalist 3rd Army to the foothills outside the city. There are pockets of resistance still inside the city, mostly deserters, isolated insurgents, escaped prisoners, and ad hoc enemy units. We have intelligence that a minor Pelor Priest who has critical information regarding the House of Swords, is in this warehouse district. Several Akainian agents died bringing us this information. Your mission is to make your way to the district, located and capture the priest, and then bring him back here to our forward HQ for questioning.

Chief Hayden, the younger cousin of the famed Hayden of Strike Force Black, takes charge (6th Warlock – Brad; this is Hayden at only 6th), with Telars (6th Ranger – Ben Shimizu – returning after only 25 years), a Dragonborn Fighter (6th Kobe), an Avenger (6th Ken), and a Sprite (6th Ross). Since several of the team wore heavy armor, Hayden decided that rather than making an approach by sea, using a patrol boat, or attempting stealth via the side streets, the group would take the most direct route, up the main streets of the embattled city. The team drew rations, checked their arms, formed up and marched off.

As they neared the warehouse district, the team was ambushed by about a squad of enemy archers. After being hit several times in the initial volley, the Dragonborn took cover in a nearby alley, the Ranger expertly returned fire and downed his first enemy with a perfectly placed shot (critical) in the forehead. The Sprite took to the rooftops and flew in and out of view, hitting the enemy as they exposed themselves to fire. Soon, the Rebel Strike Team was generally in an oval, taking cover around street corners with enemies in front, behind, and to the left. A couple team members were dazed, but most not for long. Most of the enemy were low ranking footmen, but there were a few elite Archers of Pelor in the ranks. The Sprite and the Avenger attempted to chase down one of them but with the advantage of knowing the city, he soon escaped. The Dragonborn, and Hayden were fighting hand to hand with Telars and they managed to down or chase off the last few enemy skirmishers. Unfortunately, the Dragonborn Fighter was badly wounded and with no healer on the team, could not be quickly treated. However, he was able to make his way back to the barracks. The team rested and proceeded to the warehouses.

Upon reaching the warehouses, of which there were three, the team decided to start with the smallest one. As is turned out, the Sprite scouted it and determined that there was only a lone man who might be the priest they were looking for…the team went in, mounting a full attack. Hayden blasted magic from atop a pile of crates. Telars was initially hit hard, but fell back and the Avenger interposed himself. Little did Telars know that the man was an elite Royalist Guard, trained to extend his killing lunge and he did lunge, past the Avenger, downing the surprised Ranger. While the Avenger kept the Royalist busy, Hayden managed to heal Telars. The Sprite hovered down, blasted the guard and then levitated back up, several times. After repeated arrows, weapon blows and blasts of magic, the guard was finally subdued. Again the team rested and proceeded to the next warehouse.

The second warehouse, scouted by the Sprite, had a priest of Orcus, chanting some sort of ritual with about 20 undead zombies. The team wisely decided to avoid this warehouse.

The last warehouse, had a secured door. Using his skills, the Sprite, with an assist by Hayden, cleverly picked the lock and made sure there were no traps. Immediately upon opening the doors, the Avenger is slashed by a woman in red who is guarding the door. She retreats into the warehouse and the Avenger follows, ignoring the various swordsmen who proceed to rush outside. Initially, the Sprite takes flight up to the roof, Hayden retreats, and the Telars stands his ground, taking down one swordsman. More and more swordmen make their way to the front door, and despite losing a couple more of their fellows, they push the gnome and the archer ranger down the street. The Avenger continues to chase the lightly armored woman, who continues to parry, tumble, dodge and shift away from the teleporting Avenger. An occasional swordsman swipes at the Avenger who passes them by as he runs after the woman (a Scout for the House of Swords). The Ranger is pressed by two swordsmen and barely escapes being badly slashed as the gnome and the Sprite blast the swordsmen with magic. While the team is dealing with the soldiers, four Archers of Pelore and an armored man with a short sun rod rush outside the warehouse and return fire, seriously wounding the Ranger and Hayden, and driving the Sprite to cover. Hayden attempts to blast the archers, but he is badly dazed and every single one of his Eldritch Blasts misses by a wide margin. Hayden does succeed in drawing attention to himself and several arrows find their mark, downing the little gnome who falls unconscious on the roof of the nearby warehouse. The archers now turn their bows on the Ranger, who is very badly wounded, and he fires one last shot and flees around the corner of the same warehouse where Hayden is. He then climbs up the wall and moves to the center of the roof so that he is out of view from the archers and the Sun Priest on the ground. One archer pins down the Sprite while two others position themselves on opposite corners of the warehouse. The last archer draws his sword and starts climbing up the wall after the Ranger. Telars bandages and revives the still dazed Hayden who distracts the swordsman who is now on the roof charging the ranger. A second archer gains the roof and it is nip and tuck but Telars and the Sprite manage to neutralize the two archer/swordmen. Hayden, although no longer dazed, is still jittery as none of his magic seems to be effective; Hayden mumbles that the Pelor forces must really fear his older cousin so all the foot soldiers of Pelore must now be wearing Amulets of Dispelling.

Meanwhile, the Avenger has chased the HoS Scout to the second floor of the warehouse while three footmen chase the Avenger. The Scout dodges yet again and puts on a sudden burst of speed, jumping out the window and into the bay. The Sprite, who is flying over the roof, blasts the Scout once with magic before she swims away. The Avenger then turns about to battle the three swordsmen, one at a time, on the narrow stair. Outside, Telars and Hayden are besieged on the roof by the two remaining archers and the priest. The Avenger finally finishes off the three swordsmen and then opens the far door of the warehouse, right near the priest and one of the remaining archers, whom he quickly subdues. The last archer flees, only to be downed by the Sprite. After a deep breath, the team realizes they have accomplished their mission and return the priest to HQ; mission accomplished.

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