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GAME On! Friday 8:15 PM Training Session 6th Level

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@ Newport Hills -

...a "How to Play" session, 6th Level - WAR! will be the backdrop.

As usual, I'll provide drinks. Bring snacks.

Who's in?
Ken are you bringing anything for Ben?
Ken, what PC are you going to play, how about a 6th level version of your current WAR! PC?
Brad, how about a 6th level version of Hayden?
Brad, will you have one Buffyverse encounter ready?


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I should be able to make 8:15... I have tickets to see the Avengers at 5:30 in Kent.

I wasn't planning on brining anything for Ben, but if there's something he needs, let me know.

I gave him access to my Character Builder account so he should be able to view/print his PC. I also gave him a link and instruction on how he could export his PC and import it into iPlay4e.

If he has a laptop it'll be a good idea for him to bring it.

For me, I'm planning on switching PCs for Buffyverse so I created a 6th level version with normal stats for the training session.

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Yes, normal stats for WAR!

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I can't make it this weekend either. Have fun guys!

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Hi Guys:

Yes, I will bring my laptop and check out the site when I get home from work later.

See you all tonite


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